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Version: MapGooglePlayAfa_4.6.1.6_1061_beta.apk

In audio coaching of new BLE thermometer, there are bugs and my proposal.

1. Bug
In humidity tts, no round-off occured. For exmple, it says 56.123. (Temperature did round-off)
So I tested some.

I found that under a situation like no ko.tts file in data/tts folder, it says well 56.
But if there is ko.tts in that folder, it says humidity is 56.123.

2. Bug
In temerature tts, when using ko.tts or other languages's tts, LM added digit "1" to the last.
For example, it says "temperature 25.7 degree celsius(of course in Korean) 1".

3. Proposal
I found LM sends  the temperature with "unit" added. to TTS engine.
I think it might cause some uneasiness(?).

For example, it says in English(using en.tts) "temperature 24.5 degree celsius"

When I question the weather to Google Home in English, it says "temp~ is 24.5 degree" (with no celsius)

I found LM seems to send to TTS  like "24.5 °C" ( digits+space+degree char+C")

In some TTS engines, the way of reading temperatue characters are different.
Google TTS and Samsung TTS engine read it differently.

For example, some reads "24.5 degree" or "24.5 degree celsius" or (In Korean or others) "24.5 degree celsius temperature". So fininally, LM says "temparatue 24.5 degree celsius temperature(all Korean)"

Of coures it might not be LM's respnsibility.


So I propose some .

1. Like heart rate case, how about sending just temperatue/humidity numbers not with unit.
  so users using various TTS engines can adapt theirs case using lang.tts files.

2. Or if LM should send to TTS the temperarue added temp units, I wish one of two is to be adapted
    2.1. Using just ONE temperatue unicode char  "℃", not two  °+C chars,.(Some TTS engine of some languges read it dif)
    2.2, If using two ASCII chars  ° C, then please remove "space" between numbers and units like 24.5°C not 24.5(space)°C, Because some TTS engines read it as just numbers and the name of that unit, not as simple tempature.

I think method 1 is just simple and can be expandable by users freely,
however, with any method, I wish TTS reading of temp/humidity sounds natural to all people.


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I installed MapGooglePlayAfa_4.6.1.5_1060_beta.apk and tested WS07 BT thermometer.

In audio coach's "Add stats" lists, LM displayed wrongly "Humidity" to "Temperature".

Upper Temperatue item seems like Humidty.

And if I select one of two, then all of two "Tempareture"s are selected.

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