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Devices / Re: Locus running on Ticwris Max?
« on: March 20, 2022, 12:50:22 »
It feels heavy indeed, I'm not sure I would like to wear this on my arm for a longer period. But my intended use is solely on the bike, therefore mounting it on the stem or handlebars (as can be seen in this post: which actually inspired me to look into the specific Ticwris Max product in the first place).

One important con I forgot to mention is its touchscreen - it is a bit finnicky, it doesn't react to every touch as expected and that becomes more evident when you need to press small button or pinch zoom the map. Again, this doesn't bother me when I need it mostly for showing me map for navigation and recording my actual route. But I would strongly advise against using it to plan your trips as that will be a pain. The same step down in comfort which you have by using mobile phone instead of regular computer could be expected here (when using Ticwris watch instead of a mobile phone).

As for battery consumption: let me report back once I use it more thoroughly, but the test ride was cca 26km (about 2 hours moving time, 3 hours altogether with stops for shopping etc.) and my battery went from 100% down to 80% (wifi and bluetooth turned off, GPS on obviously, recording my track and I also sent my signal out for Locus live tracking feature).
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Devices / Re: Locus running on Ticwris Max?
« on: March 17, 2022, 23:21:32 »
Some pics so you can have some idea about the GPS tracking. It's not so bad, but typically you could get this difference:

Ticwris average but noticeable inconsistency:

The same part of the route recorded by my phone:

And just to illustrate extreme discrepancy of Ticwris (there were only like one or two places like this in 26 km long ride):

Yet again the same part of the route recorded by my phone:
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