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I found a bug with navigation in the latest beta: navigating with the map oriented towards north moves the on-screen directions arrow when moving the cursor.

To reproduce:
1. Start navigation, either online or offline (I tested Lorouter offline and Graphhopper)
2. tap the compass to have the map be north-oriented
3. move the map cursor
4. The on-screen direction arrow will replicate the cursor movement for about 1 second, before going back to the right position

The only thing that seems to trigger it is the north orientation of the map, I'll share a screenshot but I need to find a way to remove personal location info first
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Hello, I have a problem with routing that is apparently present in all the latest versions of LM4.

When using Brouter inner (in both Route Planner and Navigate To) with the car-specific profiles (Fast and Economy), directions are not created and this error appears:
Cannot create path-model:java.lang.IllegalAccessException: void btools.router.KinematicModel.<init>() is not accessible from java.lang.Class<>

I tried to look it up and I possibly found the beginning of the error in but I don't know Java, so...

I'm using LM4 on Android 11 in parallel with LM3 Pro, I already tried removing and reinstalling LM4
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