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To the Locus and OpenAndroMaps community,

after many try-and-error runs I was able to adapt my "outdoor" theme and create the new "outdoorV4" theme, which can be used with the new multi-language mapsforge V4 OpenAndroMaps. It is compatible only with these new maps!
In general, I have tried to make the theme identical to the existing "outdoor" theme. Due to problems with many tags used for the configuration of font sizes and priorities, many small changes had to be made. You will find more details (i. e. which tags had to be ommitted) an my website [in German].
Please take the theme as a draft. I am happy for any comments, suggestions and there will be constant improvements. Maybe, I will adapt in the future also my existing "desert" theme.

Download the newest version on

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Add-ons / Locus Map for Garmin
« on: April 17, 2019, 10:14:43 »


on behalf of WearSoft and with cooperation with Locus Map team, I want to introduce you new application which enables you to benefit from advanced features of Locus Map while using your Garmin device.

With Locus Map for Garmin you can
1) use it as main activity application which enables you:
-- display real-time data from Locus Map running on your smartphone in your Garmin:
---- maps incl. any overlays (no need for native map support of Garmin device!)
---- navigation
---- guidance
---- track recording
---- device status (battery, GPS.. )
-- record activities, provide their statistics and store them on Garmin Connect
-- see map stored on your Garmin device (on supported devices)
2) export routes from your smartphone to your Garmin to navigate them with other activity apps (on devices supporting navigation features)



Please let us know what you think! I am here to answer all your questions.

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Hi guys,

Because of recent progress in GraphHopper service, work on this add-on on our side was terminated.

Latest version of Locus GraphHopper add-on: v0.10

Requirements: Locus Map

Download the APK file from HERE. Copy the apk file to your device and install.

Download Routing files from HERE, based on your country. Suggest to tap on Locus button directly in your device web browser!

Start Locus and set GraphHopper as default routing service.

In the GraphHopper Add-on choose which file you want to use. Do this in settings button on right side of previous settings.

How to generate routing files
- Download the raw openstreetmap file (pbf files)
- Execute ./ import <your-osm-file>. This creates the routing data

Recommended generator parameters
Code: [Select]
graph.flag_encoders: bike2,racingbike,mtb,hike
graph.bytes_for_flags: 8
graph.elevation.provider: cgiar

add `car|turn_costs=true` if need car routing

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