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the problem exists already for one year, I have written several times directly to Arcao, but unfortunately there was never a response from him.
For this reason a question to menion
how do you imagine the future of the cooperation of Locus with GC4L in case of problems if Arcao does not support it anymore?
One of the main topics of Locus is geocaching.
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thanks for the info about the problem when switching between track & trackpoints. There really was an old problem so fixed now and even an improved time required to display a trackpoint, perfect!

write to me a little more about your "It can be turned off in the "ZoomLevel" notification settings...". I do not perfectly understand, thanks.

sorry, I've forget to test it. Seems to work fine for me.
What happens on your device? Click on the "select" button opens a system file browser. Here you choose a file from the DCIM directory? And then?

ah thanks. Another interesting issue that should be in the app for very long and I never noticed it. Interesting. Fixed.

perfect, thanks, fixed.
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das kann ich bestätigen, sowohl bei LMP als auch bei LM4 endet man bei N000 W000

meldest du bitte das Problem?
Gruß Wolfgang
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ist schon gefixt, musst auf das nächste Update warten
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You are missing hiking swiss topo maps in the list? Please check the "Available maps" option in the top toolbar of map manager. May you have disabled these maps some time ago?
Offline hiking swisstopo maps in the Store were in the app for a few years already. The difference is they were quite pricey. Now, they are for free > nice gesture from the Swiss...

Hmm, I still do not see any problem, no matter what I do on my own device. What device/Android version are you using? May you please also try to toggle
- app settings > Controlling > Display > Full screen
- app settings > Controlling > Display > unlock the screen

Does any of these two settings have any effect?

Issue detected, bug-fix version comes today, sorry for this.

@Andrew Heard
yes, I know. This is what cause the troubles with auto-hide before. I have to correctly set the visibility of the bottom panel, so if you make content visible, the bottom panel has to be visible even if is empty. We may experiment with it later, but for now, this should be a safe solution.

Scaling of panels: I wrote before that this feature is not (and won't be for now) supported in LM4. I've not yet removed this "support" from the side panel, but sorry > it will come. Panels are a little bit bigger then in LM Pro, so this scaling should not be necessary.

I'm not sure from your description what exactly is the problem. But it may be similar to what ADiet wrote. So give a try next version, thanks.
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It is about the editing of already saved, usually recorded, or imported routes, that do not have any navigation commands or any old plan stored inside. In this case, such track loaded into route planner will have a single shaping point placed in the middle.
The reason for this is mainly in the case of rounded routes, where simple drag or adding a new via-point caused recompute of the whole route.
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Yes, we are finally official  :-*

I'll re-organize a few categories on the forum and the new topic for LM4 is here: .

Well, what to say ... is Thanks enough? Maybe not, but it is probably not important. I believe, you here are mostly satisfied with the changes we did last in almost two years. Weather at least in central Europe starting to be really nice so I wish you mainly: stay healthy (families as well) and enjoy at least a little hike & bike adventures. It is something that connects us right?  ;)
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I have been using your app with great pleasure for several years and for a ridiculous price !

The subscription you are asking to pay, for me, is just a thank you for all these years and for those that come, thanks to the result of your wonderful work.

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I created new DTM of the whole of Germany. Not each federal state is offering OpenData elevation data yet. Please open the image "_Sources.png" in the download package to check the type of Sourcedata for each region.

Furthermore I created a new DTM of Slovakia, please check:
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The map is downloaded directly from the Swisstopo map server and you get the latest version of map.
There was the wrong version name in the store (already renamed)
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Simple modified theme.
Source here:

The resources are the same, but in the process of modification, smartphones with different DPI were used.

for V3 - OpenMaps LE.xml   (dpi=240.. 320)
for V4 - OpenMaps Mapsforge.xml (dpi=480 )

therefore there is a difference in line thickness, font sizes, overall readability, etc.

The legend is here:


The menu also turned out different for V3 and V4
For example, in V3 (OpenMaps LE.xml) , Mary's path is removed, and instead of it - car parking.

The following objects, specific for both OAM and LM, were added:
cutline, grassland, barrier | natural = ditch | gully, safety_rope | ladder | rungs, man_made = adit | adit_disused, minor_line, type = communication ...
Сhanged cliff | earth_bank, embankmen  and many, many other little things that you can no longer remember...

This theme was with me on many trips (more than 2,000 km in the mountains), over the years, during which it was corrected, as needed. Therefore, I had to make it under V4 too ...(Thanks Felipe! Be happy, man, and I started your seed.)

No further plans to improve it, just share it with you :)
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I created a new Version of Swiss DTMs, with great improvements in large parts of the country:

They are based on new high-quality OpenData sources of Swisstopo.

By the way: I created a Twitter account to post news and answer questions. If you want me to follow:
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yes, we'll offer these maps also for free. At this moment are Swisstopo maps charged in the store. We'll change these items in the store to be free from 1.3.2021 and we'll also prepare the new version of Locus app (during March/April) that should offer other Swisstopo maps - eq. satellite map.
Thanks, Petr
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Quote from: flyingman_ch on December 27, 2020, 14:16:19
When geocaching, I miss the button to jump to the website of the cache.
click on GC-code, it is clickable ;)
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