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Database size is indeed the issue with editing performance. I deleted mine and imported a single track only: Editing points is super fast, like it should be.

Editing the same points of the same track in a 1GB-Database: Locus spends a full minute on confirmation. Nothing else(!) in the huge database is enabled. I mean... what the heck is going on here? Why do totally unrelated and non-enabled parts in the database slow down any edits to an unimaginable crawl?!

No idea on your SQL stuff really, but that simply cannot be right. Do you maybe run a weird "sql commit" and "compact database" on every single operation?

I really wish there were more power users out there so these things couldn't be ignored for years and years and more years. With a few hundred tracks only, you will never notice anything odd on a fast phone. Obviously, editing tracks will consume orders of magnitude more battery this way. But since people usually edit at home, that won't matter either.

Ps, menion, I PMed you a link to a huge database if you want to check. Couldn't find a recent email address, sorry.
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