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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.14.+ ( 1/2023 )
February 06, 2023, 09:43:56
@Andrew Heard
Search > unite results is currently technically impossible, sorry. Anyway there are voices in our team, to fully unite "All functions" and "Settings". Can't imagine how to do it thought  :D

(LMA) in release notes > ignore for now. It is the shortcut for "Locus Map only". I'm just trying to simplify my work by writing single "News" page that will modify correctly if visible in the Locus Map or Locus Classic apps.

Scroll in Presets > improved, thanks.

Invisible tiles in downloader > sorry for this. This is anyway a problem in the app most probably since begin. It is an issue on the -180/180 longitude border and I was not able to find a solution on it. For now ...

"Sync message" > it is enabled in the Beta version for testing anyway oki, time to disable it. And 30 seconds? It makes sense to me. It is an internal parameter of how long the app waits till the moment any change in data is detected, till synchronization starts.

Presets >

@Žajdlík Josef
I do not know about any method how to simply send the location to OSMGo for adding a new point. This is probably a task on me, to contact this app developer and discuss any options.

Adding photos to LoPoints, this is task on @Marek Scholtz anyway this is close to the topic you created on the help desk. We've discussed it in the office next week and we agree there is a space for improvements, we were not yet able to find out any universal solution. Thanks for understanding.
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.13.+ ( 12/2022 )
December 22, 2022, 15:36:57
Guys I had some ideas about backups, you may want to look. To summarize:

1.: Provide 3 backup sets: Everything, Settings only, User defined

2.: Allow to use any of those in Auto backup

Auto backup is currently unattractive for me because of tracks.db - I don't ever need it to be included into auto backup at all.

Not using sync, as long as it doesn't allow to exclude specific folders (I have little hope here.)

I agree with Freischneider, splitting zip does not feel good for me. Keep it simple.
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.13.+ ( 12/2022 )
December 22, 2022, 12:49:27
Best would be to separate the backups into two zip files. One for the tracks DB, the other for all the rest. The second one is tiny in comparison, could be sent even via mobile internet. tracks.db is a killer after some years of activity.
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.12.+ ( 09/2022 )
December 02, 2022, 21:57:38
Quote from: Menion on December 02, 2022, 16:31:20auto-pause system, so consider it as a "Beta" feature that simply needs some testing and time ...
I haven't tested further; it wasn't working reliably or at all, so will need more that just testing & time. Is there some visual indication when auto-pause is active? This would help in any further testing.
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.12.+ ( 09/2022 )
November 23, 2022, 14:51:03
@Menion, what I was saying that all those were missing in the "configuration only" backup. I consider those systems part of "configuration" because they are the result of configuration by the user.

Yes, a more sophisticated backup system would be nice. Personally, I'd prefer an auto backup without the faaaat DBs, so I wish it was more configurable. DBs - I back them up manually and only sporadically. I have auto gpx exports anyway.
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Quote from: Žajdlík Josef on July 27, 2022, 07:45:25
Quote from: Andrew Heard on July 27, 2022, 00:55:08
you probably find only 0.01% of users use Presets, so far bigger fish to fry; maybe there are analytics behind the scenes to justify development in certain areas

Andrew Why do you think so? I think Locus Presets needs. Without them I can not even imagine using locus.
@Žajdlík Josef - LM4 5M+ downloads, LM3 probably even more, but just a few regular beta users in this forum. I agree with you Presets are a great power-user feature but it would be interesting to see how many out of 10M+ Locus users are aware of & use this feature. I'm just trying to say with limited developer resources there are possibly more important areas to develop that would give more bang-for-your-buck for more users.

In this review of 6 best navigation apps for bicycle touring sadly IMHO Locus is not mentioned. I have experimented with all other 6 apps (long time ago) and settled on LM as the best. I would suggest every LM user who reads the review, adds a comment to promote LM and provide wider exposure.
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Dashboards vs. presets in todays new beta:
WORKS. Very likely. Thx Menion. Will observe. For every preset the dashboard had to be defined again in order to display the correct one.
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Vacation is nice, but it is good to be back  :D

html code > should be already fixed, thanks

@Žajdlík Josef, @tapio
Dashboard > damn, the side-effect of a different problem. I'll give it a second try, thanks!

Interesting problem with attachment. I'm trying it with the simple picture over GPX or KML and in both cases, it seems to work correctly. May you please share any problematic file with me? Thanks.
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Quote from: tapio on July 03, 2022, 10:07:47
Dashboards in presets broken for me as well.
Still broken in recent beta. Presets only turn dashboards on or off. But they don't change which one is used.
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Hi guys, thanks for this discussion, all noted.  ;) We are for sure aware of benefits of making all changes in the POIs easier.  We are planning to analyse our further steps related to this topic in upcoming months as there are several possible paths for the future.

For now and in this thread, we are focusing to properly beta-test "LoMedia" attachments to LoPoints. Now mainly technical side and "intuitiveness" of the process as other updates related to user's motivation to upload their photo are on the way.  :) Feel free to use last beta of Locus Map to upload photos which will already be shown to others in public version. They already goes to final DB, so you can be one of the first to provide such media content on our platform. ;)

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When opening a LoPoi, you used to be able to click on the puzzle and there was the addon: LoPOI.
With it you could also make changes in OSM. Unfortunately, the AddOn is no longer available. It only appeared there when it was installed.
Suggestion: At this point you could now place the APP OSMgo.
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Quote from: Žajdlík Josef on June 21, 2022, 13:04:42
I was thinking about editing. Perhaps it would be enough to add a small button with a direct link to editing text via the eight or Wiki website. Depending on where the text is taken from.
There is an app for editing POI in OSM. Its name is: OSMgo
Menion has recently added it to Apps in the sidebar.
With the app you can change properties of POI very easily. Also the name can be changed.
I often use it to add on the way, opening hours, website, phone number of restaurants.
This app could be added in POI to change.
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@Zajdlík Josef, @lor74cas
ah, I probably get it. Not a technical problem you should worry about, just a notification that should not be visible. Fixed, thanks.

Petr just tested it on his new Samsung device and no such problem with PiP as you have. Really interesting. I'll be probably looking on this function a little more later, and because it is not a critical issue, let it be for while, thanks.

This change automatically generates shaping points on recorded tracks on places, which should help easily modify the recorded track in the Route planner without a worry, that by movement on a single point, the whole track will be totally changed (as it worked before). If you do not have needs to modify recorded tracks, this feature has no benefit for you ...
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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
March 31, 2022, 15:26:50
@Žajdík Josef
Thanks for nice explanation. I am answering in English so others know what this is about.

Described problem: Imported track from GPX file can be without elevation data. It would be useful to have some mechanism to load (optionally?) missing elevation data for selected track during import. Currently only possibility to do it is to:

  • Load track to planner - does not work properly because track is recalculated
  • Open track in Locus map app and fill elevation data there which is not convenient

Solution: I am adding this on our list ... but I am afraid that it will take some time :/ because we need to bring elevation service into the cloud environment.
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a) ah, custom "mapsVector" directory, thanks, fixed
b) fixed

@Žajdlík Josef
I'm stupid, thanks, will be fixed today

@Andrew Heard
1) right. The issue was caused by the work on the dashboard, but it may be fixed only by the new version.
2) I'm convinced that a single united "Dashboard manager" screen is the ideal solution, but I'm open to improvements of course.

The steps you wrote are correct. Most easy is now a long click on the dashboard button in the panel.
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