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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
September 27, 2023, 11:53:07
Hi to all,

version 4.19.0 published:

"Warnings" are currently in the online version, special MTB custom parameter as well. The task on next month is to get all this to offline LoRouter + finalize few more router customizations. Hope we will get some feedback from the usage ;).

Thanks again for the help with new version, appreciate it!
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Nono, I did not describe it perfectly.

The app always allows to continue in the previous recording, even after a day or more.

What happens if you reboot the device within 10 minutes is that recording should continue automatically without the need to start it manually in the app. Otherwise, you have to open the app, the side recording panel should open automatically and you have to press the "Start" button. That`s all. No data should be lost in any case!
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Other features / Re: Online search
August 12, 2023, 07:03:10
Quote from: Jan Čapek on August 10, 2023, 18:07:26...
Until then, we didn't removed old offline address and POI searches. They are still there in its current old-school form. With those the app for sure would not be returning results from countries of which it hasn't downloaded map.

As a Computer Scientist and IT professional since more than 40 years I appreciate that your roadmap is havy lifting. But by the same token I can confirm that you and your search team completely fail re. rule #1: "Do not screw your customers!"
You are "proud" to not have removed offline POI and address search? Well, removing the last straw would have been complete suicide.
Keeping Google based search in its place as it worked for 10 years, alongside your new search, would have been professional. You would get feedback from the geeks who dare the new stuff, while offering propoer search results for all others, while you do your homework for step #2 and #3.
And if there should be pride and emotions in the way of doing that: both do not pay your bills. Be smart instead.
Michael (from Radium Hot Springs)
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 11, 2023, 18:45:39
Buddy tracking is super unreliable btw, if anybody still cares about that function. It stops working at least least five times per day and we have to manually turn it off and on to see our points again.

It always happens when network reception is bad for a while. Locus seems to mess up internally and never gets back on track.

Btw... if you have code in there like

if phone.isOnline()

that might be the main problem. Once you leave your LTE development couch and travel through the real world, your phone will quite often only THINK it's online... like in zero bars 4G or even Edge. Transmitting a single byte might take ages though or come back with a failure after some longish timeout. Quite likely Locus hickups on that... maybe if the network error timeout is longer than the tracking interval? Just guessing.

And nope... we're not in rural India... we're in the mountains of southern France right in central Europe. Buddy tracking still fails plenty.

There are obviously at least a dozen other things wrong with buddy support in general. But unless the likely answer is different from "not a priority" (as for the last five(?) years), I won't bother repeating myself over and over again. Ask if you want two more pages of neccessary fixes... or just go cycling with a buddy, then you might finally notice yourself and do something about it :-)
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Other features / Re: Online search
August 10, 2023, 07:54:48
Maybe zoom level as an indicator of users scope wish? Zoom level low: User likely wants to find "New York City" in the US. ZL high: wants to find the local "NYC brothel".
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Very interesting! I came across this discussion by chance only a week ago.

I myself had noticed only a few weeks ago that Locus suddenly caused very high battery consumption, always when navigation and/or track recording was running. On day trips, a power bank had to be connected after only 3-4 hours.

Now we were hiking in the Liberec area (Czech Republic) for about 2 weeks. Very beautiful area by the way! Every day with track navigation along planned routes and track recording. Strangely enough, there were days when the battery lasted through the day without any problems, but on other days it was already empty after a few hours.

After reading this discussion I remembered that in March I had downloaded the 1" files of the elevation data (24.7 MB each) for the whole of Germany from Sonny, which coincides with the beginning of the high battery consumption.

These were not available for the Czech Republic, where I still have the small 3" files (2.7 MB). 

Now the region west of Liberec is still covered by the Sonny file N50E14.hgt, while those from the city and further east are covered by the 3" file N50E15.hgt. And indeed, it was the tours in the west (Ještěd Mountains, etc.) where the battery consumption was extremely high. In the eastern Jizera Mountains, the battery lasted the whole day.

I would never have thought that this could be the cause without these posts on the forum. I then replaced all the 1" files with the small 3" files and the battery consumption was normal again. Even with another hike in the N50E14 range. 😊

Translated with (free version)
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 25, 2023, 21:35:31
When I search for water, a list of POIs is displayed at the bottom. Only the name is present in the list. It would be helpful if behind the name, the distance to the current map center is displayed. Possibly a direction arrow. At the moment I have to click on each result to get this information.
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I also would appreciate the possibility to hide hiking and biking routes, because I use the web planner to create routes for motor bike travels and indeed, it is easy to confuse the hiking and cycling routes on the map with the planned route or with imported tracks. Therefore I often choose the map "LoMaps Ski for winter sports", because in this map the hiking and biking routes are hidden. Only then, when planning a motorbike trip, the winter landscape is a bit strange...
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Quote from: lor74cas on April 27, 2023, 15:32:424 months and 3 versions ago I reported this issue with the planners
still not solved

Military road
access = no
but ...
foot = permissive


I "relaxed" the policy towards permissive access in hike and bike routing profiles. Routing is already changed on web, the app will soon follow.
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Quote from: balloni55 on May 07, 2023, 19:32:19turn off GPS, so cursor position is used

I hope this is just a workaround, not by design.

When I'm standing in one place but the cursor is at another, my attention is at the other place, and I'd like the search / weather forecast / whatever to be at that location.  Just my opinion.
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New online search:
When searching for a POI, e.g. a bank, the online search is sorting the results according to my current location, not according to the cursor's position. This makes it impossible to search something in a distant place.
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Quote from: Menion on April 16, 2023, 07:55:48Btw. did anyone notice the "Altitude threshold" parameter in the track edit screen? I'm experimenting with this value. For now, this may be set only for single route. Automatically is used value 5, when using SRTM data it is equal to 3.

comparing elevation gain old / new (LM 4.15.0) method and different "Altitude threshold"
Settings are:
GPS & sensors -> Altitude manager ->
SETTINGS -> Use altitude offset -> ON
SETTINGS -> SRTM data -> Replace GPS values
SETTINGS -> Altitude filter -> light
OFFSET -> Automatic correction

Elevation gain:
km : Distance in km
VDO :  VDO bike computer barometric
SRTM : SRTM /LiDAR by Sonny LM 4.14.2   OLD computation of elevation values
At :   SRTM /LiDAR by Sonny LM NEW computation of elevation values =Attitude threshold
Distance (uphill) and Distance (Downnhill) also changes but no value to compare to

km     VDO  SRTM  At=5  At=2  At=1
31,7   738   771   672   751   790
42,3   843   834   739   905  1019
19,7   515   482   432   491   515
64,8  1253  1191  1043  1191  1283
58,2  1030  1022   885  1038  1190
59,3  1061  1026   919  1050  1133
39,5   633   638   551   650   739
72,0  1425  1424  1292  1460  1542
56,8  1347  1283  1160  1296  1360
32,9   891   884   838   889   931

Neu deivice with pressure sensor
GPS & sensors -> Altitude manager ->
SETTINGS -> Use altitude offset -> OFF
SETTINGS -> Use pressure sensor -> ON
PRESSURE -> Altitunde -> Set manually at start

km    VDO At=5 At=2  At=1
14,8  421  365  403   428
14,8  402  349  397   415

It shoud be posible to set different "Attitude threshold" for different Altitude manager settings:
GPS, SRTM, pressure sensor
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Fully agree, Andrew.
For the Web Planner, the cost impact is minimal (not so for the 1" downloads, though), so there is no justification to not use it.
"Consistently" (Web Planner versus App) being "wrong" is not a good idea, I think.
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Ireland V1 - excellent timing for me Sonny - thanks! About to cycle tour over there.

If would be great if Locus Web used these DTMs for the route planner, say for Gold level users - certainly a premium feature.
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Quote from: freischneider on March 20, 2023, 18:18:15For me it is so that Strava currently always shows more altitude than Locus. Yesterday I had in Locus 905 hm and in Strava 1022. Use the Current Beta
Small differences should already be taken into account. Only unrealistic jumps should be filtered out. E.g. 3 hm within 3 meters.
Here's a good read for a better understanding of why elevation gain calculation can vary drastically - there is no simple truth. It helped me a lot. Eg., "Choosing an elevation threshold" is a very relevant factor.

Haha yeah, I only use Sonny's best hgt files. Last year I had to disappoint a friend of mine who proudly walked over a 1050m hill in Schwäbische Alb, which in fact was <1000m. Also a lot of hill elevations in OSM are rather drastically off (>50m at times), source may have been barometric measurement or lack of geoid model, I correct those attributes if I find them. Well, some data are pretty old.
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