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I always thought - what do you think - it's hard to spot what's an upper level, what is collapsed, what's expanded?
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After pressing the back button for the first time on the phone, this warning message will be shown.
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Maybe what I wrote is useless, because I do not make us of 'action_after: "[audio,photo,video]"'
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Hi guys, aerial tiles are downloaded directly from the "Here" servers and we pay for them quite high price. That's why they are available only as part of the Gold Premium and also not downloadable. Thanks for understanding.

And the age of tiles, hmm good question.
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.6.+ ( 02/2022 )
February 02, 2022, 14:20:29
I've today published a new version of the Locus Map 4 on Google Play. Today only for 25% of users, rest in next days. If anyone wants to test & play with it (or with the Locus Map Pro version), they are all already available on Google Drive!

Just for your info, why I do not communicate often as usual. Well, winter, some team planning, family require also some more time now, some illness and working on the system for one-time payments that consume most of my (not just) time. So nothing special and unusual, but just informing that app is still in progress   8)

Stay all healthy and don't be too much hidden at home like me, it does not worth it  ;)
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b) As for the time tag, it is unlikely that it is spread over 3 lines. Just possible. It's just in oder to be safe. In another script, I delete trkpt tags. Those are most likely spread over multiple lines.
c) That's the point. -z kind of flattens to one line. Allowing analysis over (in the source) multiple lines. Usually sed operates per line. Then you can not match from xml tag start to xml tag end if tag start and tag end are in multiple lines.
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Add-ons / DirectCall Add-On
January 10, 2022, 09:18:43
    Hi, I made a very simple add-on mainly for myself but didn't want to keep it from you.

    The add-on allows you to add a button to the main map screen for calling a configured phone number with a single touch.

    How to use:

    • Install the add-on from Play Store or via the APK file.
    • From your apps screen/launcher, start "DirectCall Settings" and configure the desired phone number and additional settings.
    • Re-Start Locus Map, tap the "set function panels" button, tap the "+" and then "Add function button". Select "DirectCall" from the category "Add-ons".
    • Tap the newly added DirectCall button to start a test call. You may need to confirm the "phone" permission the first time you do this.

    • Call a preconfigured phone number from the Locus Map main screen
    • Optionally display a confirmation dialog before calling
    • Optionally call with speaker enabled
    • Starting "DirectCall" from your apps screen/launcher will also start a call, same way as the button in Locus Map
    • DirectCall does not perform a VoIP call, but uses the default phone app on your device to start a regular phone call

    Source code is available on
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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
November 15, 2021, 10:05:09
@lor74cas, @Andrew Heard thank's a lot for the clarification. Now I totally understand and believe I have a good news for you. I am just working on extension of elevation chart. After that you should have distance / time toggle for x axis.
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Tasker / [Tasker] Remove timestamps from GPX files
November 14, 2021, 18:09:56
With the following Tasker task you can remove all timestamps from GPX files, a privacy option. Locus does only export GPX with timestamps.
Backup your files. It's not too thoroughly tested.
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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
November 14, 2021, 07:25:52
Quote from: lor74cas on November 13, 2021, 16:37:32
By timestamp I mean that the tracks recorded by gps and imported into the planner have no time references. It is not possible to make simple assessments
@lor74cas - do you mean display of timestamp in the chart popup? RWGPS makes this aspect so easy. Would be great to display the timestamp at any point of the track. +1
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Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus Store
November 04, 2021, 23:27:13
Hi lor74cas,
this is of course a good point. In the Locus Store is declared language of Rother routes as German, but it is hidden in the detail of the route. We will be probably next year working on the improved version of the Locus Store so I'll keep this in my mind ...
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.4.+ ( 23. 9. 2021+ )
September 26, 2021, 13:49:13
thanks. I see the problem in the editing of the track names on my own device as well. Consider as fixed ...

option to define the type of activity for already created recording profiles is not possible. You have to create a new recording profile. Some really old profiles (maybe 5+ years) do not have set an activity. Maybe because of this, some of you did not get proper value in the track name. You are using Locus Map just too long :)

Search system needs a big update > big plan on the Q1/Q2 of 2022. And in the route planner? You may partially use search over menu > Add point, or the long click on the "+" button.

I also get "Prague (Praha)" for my location. I'll look at it.

75% of height? There should be a reason for this. This should happen if you use screen rotation & navigation. When rotation is disabled, it should be at 50% as expected.

What exactly means "is not working..."? It does not work over ANT+, but works over BT4?

ah, this is definitely a bug, thanks. I'll look at it.
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Quote from: poutnikl on September 06, 2021, 12:05:24
IMHO, personalized settings exposed to profiles, already available for bicycle and car profiles, should be implemented.

From the Route Planner/ saved track, we have 15+ profiles for calculating ETA; all a compromise; none include a powered vehicle profile even though many powered vehicles are available as the routing service.

Then to add confusion (maybe just me) there are different set of 35+ track activities; many of which seem to serve the same purpose/ overlap with the profiles, but here there are 9 powered "transportation" options.
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Tasker / Call Tasker Task with parameters
August 20, 2021, 14:20:08
Guys, I just learnt, it is possible to call a Tasker task via URL scheme, including parameters (%par1 and %par2 that is).

So we can use that in Locus Quick Bookmarks.

This is awesome, a few of us might have used Tasker Secondary before, an indirect approach without parameters.

Example - see also screenshot:


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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
May 27, 2021, 19:25:08
Little bug.  Going cross-country (using the zig-zag icon) doesn't record any elevation gain.  On the Android, this works as expected.
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