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Anyway if you will wants to use format I use in Locus, less work for me, anyway it's not clear solution I think.

Hi Menion,

sorry for the long delay, but here's what I came up with.

You can use the latest version (1.4.) of BRouter from it's homepage (not yet on Google Play):

use the apk there'in, and also update the routing profiles (they are not automatically overwritten by an APK update. Simplest way is to just delete the "profiles2" directory, it will be re-created on next brouter app start)

After careful consideration, I decided to go with the native turn-instruction formats used by Locus and OsmAnd.

3 ways to generate an GPX, so 3 ways to make sure that Locus format is used:

- when creating a GPX via the BRouter app, nothing special to do. The profiles are configured to "turnInstructionMode = 1 = auto, which means it generates Locus format when using a Locus waypoint-database.

- when creating the GPX by requesting it via the AIDL interface, you must send an additional parameter
  "turnInstructionFormat" with value "locus".(Just the same way you are sending "lons" and "lats", but with a String value)

- when creating a GPX via the Web-Interface ( ) you have to modify the profile to contain turnInstructionMode = 2 (use the "upload" button the upload the modified profile)

I tested the voice hints by manuelly importing them into Locus, and that works fine. So I really wold like to be able to use them also when using BRourer via the AIDL-Interface...

What you have to change for that is:

- send turnInstructionFormat = locus as secribed above

- evaluate the locus extensions containing the turn-instructions the same way you do it when importing with "merge waypoints into track"

What you should also do is look at a bug I encountered when using the "roundabout" hints:
the first instruction after a roundabout that is not a roundabout is announced as the last roundabouts exit count ("third exit") instead of the actual next instruction ("turn left").

Thanks in advance for looking into this,

regards, Arndt

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