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Hi Ulli,

I do not think the size of the external sd-card is the problem.

On my Samsung Galaxy Note4, running Android Stock ROM 6.0.1, I have an extenal 64GB sd-card installed.
Downloading LoMaps to this sd-card or running backups from Locus on the external sd-card works as expected without any problem.
Even my "backup device", a Samsung Galaxy S4, running Android 5.0.1 Stock ROM, do not have any problems with its installed 64 GB external sd-card when downloading LoMaps or running backups from Locus to the external sd-card.

Would you start a feature request at Locus HelpDesk? My vote is sure for that feature.
Or should I start the feature request at Locus HelpDesk?


PS: Forgot to mention, that the folders on the external sd-cards are named ""/extLocus/backup/" and "/extLocus/mapsVector". I. e. Folders created by me. I wrote  read somewhere that Locus might get problems, if the root-folder on external sd-card also named "/Locus/".
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