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Maps / Re: Offline LoMap Norway - sea area white tiles zoom 14+
« on: September 01, 2020, 20:24:03 »
OAM almost always (?) uses Mapsforge4 maps, so they use the new version of Mapsforge renderer. LoMaps still use highly customized V3 versions as you surely know.

Now sure how correctly works autoloading for V4 maps, but unfortunately V3 system collides with the mentioned problem. Complicated :)
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: April 02, 2020, 23:22:43 »
Experts and novices alike will always suffer from changes, yet changes are key to improvements and progress.
Hence - AGAIN - my advise to spend energy into a 21st century help and function (*) search capability. Android settings in many new devices deliver that: you type a word about what you want to do and get a number of matching functions/settings at your fingertip.
That does not address the ongoing UI discussion, I know. But the overwhelming (yet USEFUL!!!) settings have been a reported pain since years.
(*) each function and setting needs to have a number of keywords and synonyms associated. In the selected language and always plus English.
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Well, I had a look on the 2 raster maps I use. TopPlusOpen and Kompass. The size is pretty much perfect (a bit varying in different ZL). But I can see if Locus chose 2x instead 3x, it'll be too small again. I'd prefer to use it as it is now.
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Yes John, it is a different story. Emux is quite hard working on VTM & MapsForge system so it is used as a core map engine in his apps.

I can't imagine how to use it in Locus Map, sorry. Using of rendered tiles from MapsForge library is one thing, using a complete map system as a base for the whole application is something completely different.
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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Voluntary UK
« on: February 16, 2019, 22:41:20 »
You need to be logged into the forum to see the ZIPs.
I was not when I looked yesterday ...
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Discussion/New features / Update of map core (2019)
« on: February 16, 2019, 13:05:25 »
One of the major problems with maps are caused by really really old system how the app works with map files, online maps, the system for rendering map tiles etc. I decided to update this system to try to solve most of the major problems.

Main info: to test changes is needed special ALPHA version. Currently not yet published, plan is on start of March. Subscribe to receive new information once ALPHA is ready for the test.

Current major visible changes

  • automatic scaling of all raster maps based on device DPI
  • support for custom HDPI online maps, more info

In progress/preparation
  • features related to MapsForge V4 maps, more info
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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Voluntary UK
« on: February 02, 2019, 16:01:12 »
Great, thx. My favourite hiking theme. The only change I do is giving shelters more attention. View starting at zl15 plus a red symbol 😁
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In beta, comparing to last release:
 - wider font in header, and it doesn't fit sometimes.
 - no cutting and three dots in menu
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In navigation, the blue labels with km and time are not full visible.

Inviato dal mio SM-A520F utilizzando Tapatalk

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Good day John,
you are right. World vector map from Locus Store is built-in into improved MapsForge V3 system and is rendered little bit different than system suggested by Michael (with automatically selected optimized theme and some other minor improvements).

Anyway, I will have to ask for little patience. For some time, I work on improved system how will Locus Map handle maps and one of the changes will be united system how world map will be handled. And correct (and only) behavior will be as suggested Michael. But you will definitely notice this change (hopefully somewhere in February). Thanks for understanding.
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Settings - Offline Maps - Preload global map ...

works for me, but I do not use the Locus world map, as you may guess :-)
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you mean around the rendering of maps?

I believe we all will agree that best from long-term will be adapt to latest MapsForge version. This on one side will be a lot of work mainly for @voldapet who work years on themes for LoMaps, on the second side, it simplifies life to all of you, who suffer from divided themes for Locus Map and other apps.

Currently, latest version 0.10.0 of MapsForge library is already in app so V4 maps (and in next version V5 also) are supported. Auto-loading most probably does not work, MapsForge POI's are another, currently not so important, story.

Anyway, support for external V4 maps is not problem for LoMaps (they may still use old renderer).

Issue reported by John is probably little more complicated.
MapsForge is based on the same system as Google Maps or other map frameworks. They have own "map view" component which has logic how to draw map tiles. Anyway here is a problem. Locus Map has also own component. For using maps from MapsForge V4+, I use own hack how to prepare map tiles, which most probably cause a new issue with labels. But seems, there is one active use who may save us for now: . So let's wait on 0.11 version of MapsForge, I'll then use this method and we will see ;).
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Hello John
"Exit" is only available if "FullScreen" is enabled
with PRO and BETA
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1. have to check it in "free" time. It's still available only after editing of config.cfg so I do not worry about malfunction too much :).
2. nono, there is the difference. App analyze your movement based on type of navigation and also based on activity in track recording profile. So walking should not mess computed speed for driving etc. Anyway, more inner logic is definitely needed, I'm aware of it.
3. currently it is : below 1000 years: xxxx yards, and above x.x miles . Oki, I've changed it to keep yeards below one mile, thanks.
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The theme used is a pretty current version of Elevate, not Andromaps, and the map is also one of OpenAndroMaps, as surface is rendered.
But the symbols/text size shouldn't be reduced by zooming, and also aren't in all but one example - that's just an optical illusion. As everything around is enlarged it seems that they are smaller, but they aren't. In the first example it seems like the text size is reduced via a Locus setting (or some bug), because in the theme code the size is constant.
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