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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: October 01, 2020, 11:22:58 »
...On the map itself, this doesn't matter s the information is all visual but once it becomes textual it is potentially confusing. I don't see a way of resolving this however.

Hello John,
what you highlight is just another example of missing governance in OSM. A system that works internationally, needs to have internationally uniq rules for the same thing. There can be tons of diversity, as occurence of details differs a lot between parts of the world. But the same thing needs to be categorized the same way all over the planet. Otherwise you'll end up
- either with nightmares for all developers who want to serve the customers by adding piles of exceptions
- or users have to live with the frustrations and exercise such "mapping" in their own minds. And hopefully turn to OSM to shout.
In my work for the world overview maps I suffered quite a bit. Most crazy example was a peak of 28000 (well - meters in OSM), beating Mt.Everest hands down. Now - some bloke added the evelation in feet. If he'd only put "ft" or alike behind the figure ...) Until now I ended up checking the OSM elevation against SRTM elevation and checked the most relevant cases from the candidates that show a factor of 2.5 to 3.5. Did more than 1000 fixes in OSM so far (then became a bit tired ...).
In the end only a lot of people have to speak up and influence the OSM community to behave more consistently.
Just my 2c.
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: September 22, 2020, 15:01:12 »
Thanks for version clarification.
Regarding surface categorisation, it seems very fine to me.

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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.48.+ ( 28. 8. 2020 )
« on: September 11, 2020, 10:44:36 »
With this new version 3.48.1 I get always a crash (free and pro on Android 10, Android 5.1.1 is ok) when I close automatic backup - settings even without changing something.
I sent two feedbacks today
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map - cloud/sync server
« on: September 08, 2020, 16:15:55 »
New version, it happened after track deletions.

And let me add: congrats for going public after probably a lot of hard work.
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: July 16, 2020, 19:43:03 »
@menion :This is really good news. I recommend Locus Pro to almost everyone I know, but a lot of them stay with or decide themselves for komoot. But if there is a website like the one from komoot with  Highlight Pictures and maybe with better BRouter Routing and an easy way to use it, I think no one would choose komoot anymore.
Take your time for developing it. Good luck.

Kind regards

Jochen 👍 👍👍
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: June 20, 2020, 11:16:40 »
Great news: the latest LM4 test apk (#943) fixes the issue of "... no points ..." if you have more than about 60 POI DBs installed in total (installed, not visited, was the issue). Tested on my S10 - hope that persists on others ... Thank you, Menion !!

Tolle Neuigkeit: the neueste LM4-Test-APK (#943) hat das "... keine Punkte ..." gelöst für den fall von mehr als etwa 60 installierten POI DBs (installiert war das Problem, nicht besucht). Auf meinem S10 getestet - ich hoffe das gilt auch für andere ...
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Troubles & Questions / Re: Xiaomi Huami Amazfit BIP not found
« on: June 08, 2020, 19:00:42 »

i also have a amazfit bip
but i use gadgetbridge as the connectionapp

but i have to activate an option hat that exernal apps (locus) can ge the data
maybe you havve to activate this option in your app or it does not support it
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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.46.+ ( 26. 5. 2020 )
« on: June 02, 2020, 20:08:08 »
Quick bookmark for Whatsapp with OSM link works great, thank you.
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The OS Map theme tries to emulate the Ordnance Survey 1:25k and 1:50k map styles as closely as is possible within the constraints of Locus Map and data provided by the vector maps. It should work with both LoMap and OAM maps (v3 and v4). I must give credit to John Campbell for his Voluntary UK theme that I used as a starting point (v. 190101).

The OS Map theme also provides a darker variation of OS style of map designed for use at night-time to help avoid spoiling night-vision whilst keeping a recognizably Ordnance Survey style of map.

The theme now consists of four main theme files, day/night for v3 maps and day/night for v4 maps. There are two PDF map legends, one for day and one night.

Here is a comparison of the same map rendered with: Internal Theme, Voluntary UK, OS Style and my new 4 OS map styles:


Here are the list of all the changes made for each release:

Initial release for v3 maps only

Added v4 map support
Added option to highlight toll roads (default is not highlighted). Highlight means orange outline and orange dots as you zoom in.
Added option to set OS style roads names (pathtext) for countires that are left hand traffic or right hand traffic. This is only applicable to dual carriage ways.
Added drawing of footpaths and bridleways that are on dashed track/service roads.
Added thicker dashed 1:50k style for airport runways (was using thinner 1:25k for 1:50k before)
Added defibrillator symbol (non OS symbols)
Added OS text symbols for: Libraries, Shelters, Cairns, Caves, Adits [Mines, Mines (dis)], Waterfalls (Falls in blue)
Added library buildings to list of important building, i.e bolder outlines.
Added place markers for towns/cities (similar to Elevate theme) at low zoom levels (e.g. 5-7).
Added support for sizing of town/city names based on population density (popcat)
Changed borders (admin_level) to improve support for non-UK counties by grouping togther Parishes=9/10, Districts=7/8, Counties=5/6, National=2/3/4
Changed pharmacy amenity symbol to also include chemist shops (non OS symbols).
Changed order of options, putting least changed options towards bottom of list.
Changed embankments to draw at a higher level priority to avoid them being overdrawn by water ways and residential areas.
Changed footbridges to draw at a higher level priority to avoid them being overdrawn by water ways.
Changed tunnels to use smaller dashes for better match OS map style.
Changed 1:50k trunk_link and motorway_link roads to use correct/matching outline widths on bridges.
Changed highway labels at zoom levels 7-12 to use captions instead of pathtext for OS labels
Changed priorities of several symbols to improve visibility of churches, information and museums at lower zoom levels.
Changed car parks at lower zoom levels (upto zoom 15) to only show ~|destination|customers|public car parks.
Changed hill name sizes slightly larger
Changed (corrected) selection of national hiking routes to only include iwn|nwn, i.e. remove rwn|lwn|uwn.
Changed (corrected) selection of national cycling routes to only include icn|ncn, i.e. remove rcn|lcn|ucn.
Changed (corrected) wells so they now get displayed.
Changed doctors captions from red to black text.
Changed v3 theme place names to match/harmonise to style used on v4 theme.
Removed tourism brown dashed ways accidentally left in from donor theme (UK Voluntary)
Removed access cross hatchings on footpaths accidentally left in from donor theme (UK Voluntary)
Removed surface dashes on 'white' roads accidentally left in from donor theme (UK Voluntary) - If this is going to be in the theme then I need to think about how to do it in an OS style way...

Fixed validation errors (one was a real issue in V4 theme for railway stations at zoom 13, rest were technical errors but not impacting display of maps).

Split v3 and v4 theme files into separate day and night theme files so they can have different map=background tags, different PDF legends and increase performance.
Added night mode symbols for transmitters, windmills, wind turbines, lighthouses, ruins/archaeological, battlefields, telephones, helipads, bollards.
Added night mode PDF legend.
Added four .lnk files to map the two PDF legends to relevant four theme files.
Changed priority of cemetery symbol lower than church symbol.
Changed night mode track core colour to match service/residential roads.
Changed night mode tunnels to use own night equivalent of day tunnel colours.
Changed night mode steps to look similar to day time steps and less like a ladder.
Changed night mode turning circles and passing places to be more visible.
Changed area ways for residential roads to match residential road outlines for all map themes.
Changed AED, playground and shooting symbols to remove white outline/background to match other symbols.
Changed 50k toilet synbol to fix errors in tiny-svg rendering.

Attached is a copy of the day time legend for the theme, but I can't attached the other legend or the theme ZIP because of the 2MB attachment limit of the forum... so I have placed all the versions of the theme onto google drive:

     OS Map Theme Releases

Link to latest release:

     OS Map

Links to the OS Map Legends:

     OS Map Day Legend
     OS Map Night Legend

Install in the usual way of unzipping in Locus Map's _theme folder, e.g.:


If you have already started using the earlier OS Map theme version then you probably should delete it before installing this updated version as it uses the same theme folder called "OS Map" but now uses four different named theme files - to cover day/night themes for v3/v4 maps.

Note that the legends are now included in the theme and can now be viewed directly from the theme menu in LM 3.46+ via a long press of the theme icon.
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: May 14, 2020, 00:10:08 »
LM4 933 - Nearest Points screen - working nicely. Thanks @menion.
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And do not forget. When the data is corrected in OSM. Do the routing data of BRouter have to be updated (with GraphHopper?) BRouter has new data every 7 days. Correct the OSM, max. Wait 7 days and then renew routing data. Unfortunately, this is not automatic.
It is therefore very important that the users maintain the OSM data and enter it correctly.
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: April 28, 2020, 22:28:12 »
Crash directy after Startup.
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: April 24, 2020, 16:06:39 »
1. Geotagged photos were taken with phone camera and found by Locus in phone camera DCIM folder. Exactly the same behaviour for Locus quick photo point. It's the jpg icon that's the issue: Locus Pro has a middle sized version as well as a small thumbnail and full size attachment. (Edit: I've just found *one* of my photos works properly.)
2. If the blend mode doesn't work, either mend it or don't offer it! However I'd never had any problems until now. The biggest issue seems to be with Multiply blend though the failure to redraw was happening with SrcOver.
3. The "no base map" and "overlay disabled" messages only appear (sometimes) on first opening the map contents side menu immediately after loading Locus. A timing issue?

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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.44.+ ( 20. 2. 2020 )
« on: April 23, 2020, 20:46:51 »

another small issue
settings window of geocoded photos

solved with V3.45.1 thanks
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: April 11, 2020, 07:20:13 »
@menion - search in settings - bravo.
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