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Natürlich, alles hat Vor- und Nachteile. Nur, wenn ich das hier alles lese, die ganzen Probleme, die ganzen Beschränkungen, dann nehme ich den Aufwand des Rootens gerne in Kauf. Solange man mich lässt. ;)
Ein Wochenende Arbeit und ich habe einen völlig entfesselten Hosentaschen PC ohne jede Einschränkung.
Es gibt ja auch noch andere Einschränkungen, wie z.Bsp. Dateimanager. Ich nutze immer noch den guten alten ES Datei Manager. Nicht zu übertreffen. Nicht jeder Entwickler geht auch den Aufwand ein, den Speicherzugriff gegenüber Google zu rechtfertigen. Ich brauche weder Google Drive, noch sonstwas. AFA spielt für mich absolut keine Rolle. Updates OTA ebensowenig.
Für mich ist das, was Google mit Android treibt, ein absolut inakzeptabler Eingriff in die Nutzung meines Eigentums und meiner Privatsphäre.
Einiges davon ließe sich mit einigen ADB Eingriffen und der Migration der extSD umgehen, wenn man nicht rooten mag. Dann wären viele Anfragen und Probleme hier obsolet.
Aber, wie Du schon schreibst, jeder wie er mag.
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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
March 30, 2021, 16:55:18
no holes
with holes, and I think Locus uses this one

In the image the mystery unveiled.
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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
March 24, 2021, 10:39:07
1) Waypoint remove (X) button needs confirmation - I am not sure here. IMO it is not so easy to remove waypoint accidentally and confirmation dialog could be really annoying
2) Changing profiles - yes, this is definitely missing feature and I am really sorry that it was not part of V1. I plan to add it really soon and it will most probably work as onclick on routing profile icon.

1) Synchronization of userdefined folders/groups - this is absolutely something we should consider. Right now it is not on the readmap but I agree that it makes absolutely sense to support this. I am creating ticket for it
2) Hiding top navigation bar - again great idea! I am not sure about auto-hiding it but I get your point. I am also creating ticket for it
3) Deleting waypoint from the map - and again great suggestion. I didn't realize that planning with collapsed sidebar could happen a lot (you miss calculated stats, ...). I will create ticket for it but I am not sure that clicking on waypoint should trigger delete. I would rather add "Delete" as contextual action. What do you think?

1) Switching profiles no triggering recalculation - yes, this is intended behavior. You can mix routing profiles during planning of one route ;)

Please, be aware that I can not promise any ETA for suggested improvements right now. We have a lot of items in our backlog and we will proceed according to priorities which are changing constantly.
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Thanks guys. Nice to read that at least a few people won't be so angry because of this change :).

Btw. Google is blocking new releases because of the invalid form we send to validate that the app needs background location for a valid reason. So probably few days delay  :-\
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Hello Diddi,
Who can read is clearly in the advantage. A contribution before is everything. Should go again soon.
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Quote from: Menion on March 09, 2021, 08:18:22

Heat map > sorry, but it works quite slow and when I spend a little more time on this, I do not see any clear problem. Because it is not an official app map and because no other (official) map does not have any similar issues, I won't spend time on this.

Understood. Would you maybe consider putting the (multiple?) max_timeout and max_failure_count variables into config.cfg then? That way we could still download from slow servers... even if runs 12 hours overnight.

Right now, slow server download is simply impossible with Locus. Nobody wants to watch his phone and click retry every 3 minutes.

Ps, Strava Heatmap might be lagging and from Russia, but it nevertheless is *the* *most* *valuable* overlay for mountainbiking today, not just some funny idea of mine :-).
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Thanks guys, appreciate your feedback. As I wrote, we decided to keep heads down, and very simply free/silver/gold names will be used. Not a rocket science, but at least clear without any worries.

And Andrew, marketing people? Eh, well, I do not like marketing. You can't even imagine how I curse my work when doing some subscription/promo screens last days/weeks  :D.

Anyway, names of subs tiers finished ... let's rather do some useful tasks ..
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This is really really weird. I spend on ti maybe two hours playing with various options, found minor issues but nothing like you and Diddi describe. How to simulate it, hmm? May you please try a short video with this issue?

hi, welcome!
Web planner lives in a separate topic, so feedback is welcome there!

The latest plan was final release at end of February. But we are changing and finalizing subscription plans five minutes before midnight so as usually > delay. Fortunately, it gives Ondrej (dev behind web planner) and me as well, some more days to fix critical bugs.
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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
February 21, 2021, 10:08:07
Hi everyone, fixes and new minor changes/improvements just deployed to Important changes:

  • FIX not closing SSO dialog after login
  • FIX map not rendered in Safari
  • ADD Czech translation should be almost complete (German is still in progress)
  • ADD Warning message shown in save dialog when data are not synced into cloud (missing folder)
  • ... and few minor UI improvements
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Latest Beta finally fixed the superlaggy Track Editor when deleting/editing points. It's orders of magnitudes faster now, minutes of waiting time turned to split seconds, no matter how huge the database.

Also, laggy list scrolling in track lists with plenty images in their description tags is fixed. Mini maps in track list still don't seem to be updated and mostly stay empty though. Shouldn't that happen automatically? What map data is used for that anyway, something online maybe?

Zooming in general with plenty points and lots of enabled tracks (tenthousands of trackpoints) seems way faster too. Zooming other regions of the map (where the enabled tracks aren't visible), is orders of magnitude quicker, as if no tracks were enabled at all. Impressive.

In fact, Locus feels so snappy now that I might consider trying to enable all my tracks of all my trips at the same time. This idea would make current Pro from Playstore cry for mercy and pretty much die in notime. Maybe this beta could handle it... :)

Good job with the performance... really! I'm impressed.
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My database is 1.4GB. I still can't see how this would affect changing/deleting a single point of a single track so badly, but I know nothing of SQL, let alone its Android implementations. What I do know though, is that if your tracks where simply a doubly linked list like in the good old days of C programming, Locus would likely be orders of magnitude faster :-). And if Locus used GL or Vulcan or whatever it is these days in Android, I could enable 30.000 tracks instead to 30 and still be 60fps.instead of 1fps on zooming :-))

Only very few of my tracks and points are enabled at any one time. I'd love to see more, but unfortunately Locus also gets unbearably slow on startup and zooming then.

I'll upload my zipped database somewhere and email you a link, menion... if you want to give it a try.
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Hi guys,

I've just created a new topic for Locus Map (4) testing. We have moved to probably final phase ... some more public testing & finalization.

I've also hoped that the web planner will be available for the test till the end of the year, but unfortunately not. So expect it at the start of the new year.

New topic:

Thanks all for your very useful help & your surprising patience with me and what we create here  ;)
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The new base topic for discussion about soon coming to Locus Map (version 4).

The realistic release date is in February 2021.

How to help?
Best to use it like the regular version and report possible problems & spread praise ;)

Latest version for download

Sub-feature topics:
- Online LoMaps & Online LoPoints: here
- online/offline BRouter routing: here

What changes?
Locus Map Free > will be changed to Locus Map and actively developed. Changes in this topic will be included mainly in this version.
The system will be similar ... functionality for free will be +- equal to the current Locus Map Free. With an active subscription, current "Pro" features will be activated + a bunch of new features we work on last two years.

Locus Map Pro > will be changed to Locus Classic and will be in permanent maintenance mode. What does it mean? Still updated together with Locus Map with fixes and minor improvements to keep it fully working & stable. Ideal for users who like the current solution and don't like changes or planned subscription model. I believe, more than a fair offer ;).

To be fully fair, I rather do not want to say "forever". I personally set a minimal maintenance mode for five years. Work on both versions will bring the need for some extra time investment, so it depends on how much... But 5+ years is the minimum. And who knows what will be after five years ...

Reference to the older topic related to alpha testing.

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I'm trying to rationalize my map screen space further. Experimenting with auto-hide all panels after 5s. If I configure single tap to show those panels, why does another single tap not then hide those panels?
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14 days without answers, sorry!
Meantime I finished geocaching part of the new point screen and the option to flip the whole main screen layout. Currently, I'm working with Radim on our own BRouter data generator that will be integrated directly into the app, probably in a similar way to downloading elevation HGT files.

But back to discussion ...

As I use these popups, width of the popup is partially defined in the system. Anyway, I'll look on it.

Problem with the stop of recording over intent: hmm, I'm checking code and all seems correct. You may check on your own if at the moment you send intent, the required recording profile is really active (highlighted in the track recording settings).

Name of recording profile: what you highlighted is profile base activity selected when creating a profile for once and forever. It is used in many places and affects mainly the compute of energy, activity preselected during saving, an icon of the profile, average speed computed during recording, etc. So if you want to change it, create a new profile.

Mentioned 3 problems
a) are you sure, the profile is not changed over presets?
b) even the start of recording does not work? You wrote only about a "stop" before.
c) will have to verify

Distance along active route: very wanted task, I know. Doable with a new LM4 point screen. Remind me this once LM4 will be out and I'll return from at least a 14-day vacation  ;D, thanks.

I also rarely notice this issue, but never at the moment, I sit behind the computer :). Not a serious problem and I'm aware of it, so it will be solved one day, for sure  ;)

I'm not aware of any problem with the auto-save feature. Only how this may happen is that you have an active different profile at the moment of the save operation. It is important to keep in mind, that profile may be changed during recording (manually of for example over "Presets").

1. good point. Added.
2. this is a little more complicated. Without simulation, I can't see the option to fix it. It looks to me like something specific to your device, because I never saw such a problem. Probably the best suggestion: "don't use this feature"  :-\.

LM4 beta is a version created from common Locus Map Free, so it may live side-by-side to current Locus Map Pro. Anyway, it is suggested to create a manual full backup over "Backup manager", just for sure. Both versions share most of its data, so to be safe ...

then is a small white floating button with all available options that are related to maps, so also change of themes. If you had previously "theme button" directly visible on the screen, this feature is not available. So now it's two clicks instead of one to get to the selection of themes.
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