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Troubles & Questions / Re: Check routing data available offline
« on: April 25, 2021, 18:06:33 »
I don't think so.

But...  When you have WiFi and are planning, you could visit the LoMap download pages in the store for all regions of interest, and force a routing download there.  Then possibly force an update of all routing data in the LoRouter setup area.

In my case, that's 3 Canadian provinces.  For someone else, it might be all of Europe.  This workaround might be reasonable unless you'll be planning worldwide travels without knowing the countries in advance.  :)
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Locus Map (4+) / Web planner / portal
« on: February 12, 2021, 20:32:44 »
Hi guys,
I would like to finally introduce the website we worked on the whole last year. Finally ...

Web planner / portal:

Core features
Without login or for the users without the Premium subscription
  • web planner with features close to the mobile app, with the ability to export the result into GPX file
  • online LoPoints with fast full-text search
For users with the Premium subscription (same as for free +...)
  • of course same as for free accounts +
  • your synced database of tracks, ready to basic analyze & (metadata) edit
  • automatic sync of changes to your device(s) within few seconds
  • and probably many more but who wants to read all this bla bla  :P

What (we are aware) is currently missing
  • web pages linked in the top toolbar
  • option to register new account directly over web
  • charts! (probably not ready till first public version)
  • ... you tell us

Onřej (@janaton), the guy behind this nice tool, is looking forward to some useful feedback. Use it please together with the new 'MapGooglePlay_4.0.0 - Beta 6_988_beta' version, otherwise sync won't work auto-magically.

Well, that's all ... let's play  ;)
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