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Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
« on: April 23, 2021, 21:50:36 »
@Frivold - thank you. Several Locus Store strings are missing in Crowdin and were translated separately - using Google Translator ehm... Anyway, the string changed to  Punkter
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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
« on: April 07, 2021, 13:01:57 »
1) Clean all btn confirmation - Yes, it makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
2) Use metres only for elevation gain/loss - We will consider it. Please, what is the motivation for you (precision, ..)?
3) Logged in but icon still anonymous - I do not understand. Please, could you give me more info: Thx
4) Elevation chart for saved tracks - sure, it is in progress and should be there soon.
5) Hiding top bar - Good idea, we will consider it but for now more important tasks are on the list :)
6) More accurate altimetetry calculation - this is more related to the routing itselft. Please, ask here:

1) Switching profiles - Your use case makes sense. We do not plan to change the current behavior but we will try to find some way to enable recalculating all segments using particular profile

@Andrew Heard
1) Brouter UX - sure, this is also one of our inspiration source. Please, if you want to add some idea for implementation, there is newly created space for it. Please, add it there and collect votes :). -
2) No preview - web planner is generating thumbnail only when saving planned route to your library. Preview image is synced from your device and used on the web. If preview is missing, it is missing and "No preview" is displayed

1) Ideas - great, most of them is already collected here - so you can vote to help us prioritize :)
2) Increase development effort - believe me that there is quite a lot of development happening. Unfortunatelly, not everything is easily visible in the UI. Regarding webplanner BETA - yes, you are right that we have a lot of to improve here. On the other hand web planner is only one piece of puzzle of premium GOLD plan ...

1) Showing multiple tracks - yes, it is planned. Thanks a lot for creating idea on helpdesk
2) Preview image - this was intended to be consistent with the app. We could consider optionally hiding it and saving some space. If you would really like this implemented, please, create idea for it so it can be discussed and collect votes (so we can give it a priority).Thx
3) Embedded WP - thx
4) Blue color of own tracks - yes, it is confusing. But honestly, it is really hard to find some universal color which won't clash with some color in the map and will have good contrast with the map.
5) Edit of tracks - sure, this will be possible. It is on our list but no yet implemented. The best way to put more priority on this is to create idea and collect votes  -

@Žajdík Josef
1) Statistics of longer routes - This should be solved once collapsing of waypoints is implemented
2) Elevation/Slope - good idea. Could you please create idea for it so it can collect votes?
3) Customized profile - this is something we would like to add but I do not see it comming in the nearest feature.
4) Change of planning profile - Already on our list and should be implemented soon
5) Missing solar power plants in the map - thanks. I will forward ti to the LoMaps author.

1) Missing elevation gain and loss - this was already added so you can check it ;)
2) Detail of online LoMaps - I am not author of it. I will forward this to him. Generally, it would be best to ask in dedicated thread - Thanks :)

1) Difference between online and offlien LoMaps - Ideally it should be the same map but there are a little different  source data that are used for rendering so some differences will be there. But I am not the creator of maps. Better to ask in dedicated thread for more detailed answer -
2) Holes in the map - known issue which was already reported to the provider of source data. We are waiting for the solution. Until then we can, unfortunately, do nothing about it :/

1) Elevation chart missing for saved tracks - yes, it is not a bug. This was not implemented, yet. This is one of my top priorities tasks so it should be available soon :).

@Viajero Perdido
Thanks :)
1) Start location - if you give browser permission to use your location then start location should be near you. Anyway we are thinking about improvement here (I - saving your last location to browser memory and using when you reload browser or II - automatically figuring out approximate location based on IP address).
2) Search - We had some issues there. Please, try now, it should work (finding "Edmonton"). But keep in mind that search gives preference  to results near your current location. So if you are searching "Edmonton" from Europe then you will need to write almost whole name to have it in results ..
3) Usage of webfonts - yes, that's true. I see it as a standard practice. Don't you have problem also on other webs?
4) Displaying geocaches in the overlay - I am almost sure that "using" Groundspeak data won't be possible. But I guess your use case is to see your points on the map (e.g. imported geocaches). This is planned feature and should come in next few months.

Thanks a lot!
1) Excluding navigation hints - yes, it makes sense. I have this on my list but it is not high priority for us right now. ETA could be months. To give it more priority, please, create idea and collect votes for it :) -

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Main menu:
Order of the submenu.
"My subscription" is not often needed. Actually only once. This point could be completely down.
"Settings" are often needed. This point can be completely up.
My subscription is still the pro before. That does not exist anymore. Missed gold or silver.
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