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Hello, both ways end with the same described result. Additon: doing it with just "point" not "photo point" and adding a photo as attachent obviously works fine, but is more steps... but maybe i have to live with it.  Thanks

Gesendet von meinem SM-G950F mit Tapatalk

is there an option to define a Default Icon?
If I remember correctly, before the introduction of "Photo Icon", the icon of the selected points folder was taken.
Now, even when I change the photo icon during the photo points creation to another one and save it, it always shows the photo of the point instead of the selected icon on the map. I then have to edit it again and reselect the desired it saves it correctly and the selected icon is shown!
Hello Menion,

Thanks for thinking about it and well, I back now at home...  /

Any way to get it as an offline version? I will soon (6h) enter my flight back home
Menion, this sounds very consistent to me! Thanks a lot!

ANT+ sensors are working fine. ...big thanx for that. Unfortunately this does not apply for BT LE. I use a Viiiia HF. E.g. Endomondo works absolutly fine with it.


I have something similar with recoding POIs. After recording a point and switching back to map, auto centering is disabled. Already present until many versions.

Hallo from Isla La Gomera (unfortunately only for vacation),

Some bugs (?) With 3.8 made me actually switch back to 3.7.x:

1. Overlay vector map with bitmap map makes Locus in the first place stuttering and finally CRASHING!!!
2. New guiding system removes pois in track
3. When in active guiding i did not get eg any ETA info at all anymore

Buonas notches

it made usability of a big "track collection" much easier, if Locus would offer the same / similar "structural" options for tracks as it has already for POIs. And I do not mean just the rather "flat" option already avaible for track "sorting", but something similar to a folder structure, like: Germany/Alps/MyTrails/2011,...

This would be really a great addition to the already awesome Locus features