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Perfect ! Thanks a lot... thats for what i am looking for!
Declined / Re: OSM PBF map format
January 04, 2012, 11:27:09
I meant a direct support of the Locus app without converting the map first. But if the license is a problem... there is no chance!  :(
Hi menion,
a few days ago I was sending a waypoint (and geocache) via SMS to a friend who wants to meet us there, but in the SMS the coordinates wasn't as text present, only a link to!
Unfortunately my friend has only a old handy and so he wasn't able to get the coordinates to type them in his GPS...
My wish is now: Is it possible to add the coordinates as text additionally to the link which is sent?
This would really be helpfull!

Thanks a lot... spukis
Declined / OSM PBF map format
December 09, 2011, 11:05:42
Hi menion.

First at all thanks for this really great map app!

I think you are at the momant working on several map format supports (for example rmaps). My wish is now, is it possible to support the OSM PDF vector map format (// I found some informations on the web an there is also a Java and C PBF libary available (// so it should be possible to add the format to Locus.
The code ist under GNU LGPL is this a problem?
A big advantag beside the vector format is that a lot of maps are available in the web...

So maybe you can think about it to support that format!

Hi, I have finished a first prototype of my PQ converter... this converter adds additional information in PQ zip file vom, so it is now possible to download spoilers via spoilersync or geopics an link them to the cache description! The spoiler pics (including the created html files) have to be copied to the phone and thats it...
For me it works fine, so I some more interrested in this application I can publish the windows executables.
I also added the possibility to add solved mysteries as additional waypoint that Locus is able to corret the possition during the import ;-)