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Thank you for tonight's update bringing option to enable/disable atomatic map rescaling in Settings > Maps > Offline, I can enjoy again my offline raster maps  :-*
Hi Menion, long time Locus Maps user, thank you for this wonderful app !
I confirm the Zoom issue with SQL raster maps since latest 3.38.+ version, making views blurred and overzoomed.

As you can see Zoom level is set to 100%

And surprisingly, maps details show Zooms (tile levels) are 18 to 25, while when maps are downloaded, selected levels are 10 to 17.

Maps' source is IGN.
BTW zoom level is no more displayed when you click in Map Scale zone.
Same behavior with both beta and latest Pro version.
My device is a Huawei Mate 10 Pro, its resolution is 1080x2160.
As recently suggested, being able to set a zoom level <100% could be a quick fix.
Thank you again !