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Hello Menion, are you familiar with Amazon Web Services? Amazon Cloud Front to be more specific, I think it might be used to help/solve the downloads problem.

I will try to explain what it does shortly.

You can have a "source domain" (locus domain or map provider's domain) and Cloud Front can read from that domain and cache content to deliver it to users from different servers across globe.

You get a domain like and then you can set a cleaner cname like that points to that long domain.

Whenever someone access a file like they will get the file from your defined "source domain" like but loaded from a server from USA/Japan/Europe, depending on user's location, file will not be loaded from your server anymore.

Now I am not sure how map providers domain and data works, it might or might not be compatible with this, but since system is very simple it might work nicely.
Traffic is 0.12$/GB and lower with more traffic. Maybe Amazon can somehow become a sponsor OR use this service only for PRO users OR get donations from users and use them to pay for this traffic OR maybe users can BUY gb from you, (0.15-0.20$/gb is not bad).