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Thanks to you both. On my device P970 it seems to work better now since last update.

I don't know if anything has changed on the Galaxy S, I have informed the guy via email that he should update. And yes: When I tried it on the GS, maps worked fine but Locus wasn't able to get a fix. I'll let you know if the problems still exist.

Ah, yes, Locus is a great piece of software and of course I bought the Pro version just to reward the good work. ;-)
Sorry, this is still somewhat confusing to me. I enable GPS in system settings or in the power control widget. Google Maps works fine. When I start locus, it works ok. When I lock the phone (LG Optimus Black) with the power button, wait a couple of seconds and open it again, GPS seems to be disabled and it takes some time until it gets my actual location again. I can only guess that this is because of battery reasons. But then it is a very uncommon "feature". I would like to decide for myself if GPS should be kept on always (default!) or just in times when Locus is being used.

Next thing is that the status of the GPS icon in Locus' own button bar doesn't seem to show the real GPS state all the time. When I lock the phone and unlock it again like described above then the icon is "off". It keeps so even if Locus gets a fix again. One touch on the icon changes its state to "on".

And last but not least I tried Locus on a friends Samsung Galaxy S (not dualcore) and we permanently had to fight with locus not being able to activate the GPS, no matter what system settings were and if GPS was enabled in Locus or not. A reboot of the phone helped in these cases though. Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce this behaviour and find out what exactly causes it.

After all I find it very confusing that Locus' manages a second "on/off"-state of GPS in addition to system settings. Maybe you should keep this as an expert feature and disable it by default.