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Lze momentálně nějak importovat NOGO body z GPX? A v případě potřeby je také hromadně smazat, resp. celou databázi přepsat? Případně, neuvažuje se o tom?

Primárně mi jde o cyklonavigaci, tahám si aktuální z OSM (vehicle:conditional). Vytvoření GPX už mi běhá automaticky. Zobrazení není problém, ale na NOGO musím konvertovat každý z nich ručně.

Starý způsob přes BROUTER server jsem opustila, a nerada bych se k tomu vracela, pokud to vůbec ještě funguje.

Jako ukázka v příloze dnešní uzavírky celá ČR.
Locus Map Watch / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
September 20, 2018, 12:17:11
Quote from: fera on September 19, 2018, 14:53:59
Also I noticed a significantly more severe battery drain on both my watch and phone when SGT was running along with the locus add-on, so it would be really great if this workaround was not necessary  :)
I wouldn't expect much lower battery drain from dropping the SGT should it not be necessary.

The main difference in battery consumption on the watch is because Locus alone doesn't get the HR sensor working. On the phone, there might be slightly more battery drain if the SGT app on phone is running as well. Additional difference would be that probably more communication is happening over BT when the HR is working fine as well.
Locus Map Watch / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
September 18, 2018, 13:55:15
Quote from: fera on September 18, 2018, 13:29:11
If I understand correctly, when you start SGT the Locus add-on is running on the watch as well at the same time? Which one stayed in the foreground?
Yes, both are running at the same time. And for me, neither has to run in the foreground, it is working even if both apps are in background and the watch is completely dimmed. It doesn't make any difference which app is started first and which second. As soon as both are running, I get the HR without any problems in Locus.

What I am suggesting is that SGT is doing something different and is for some reason is better at getting the sensor to work and to keep it working.

Locus is without any problems reading the heart rate from the sensor if the sensor is already running. But (at least on my watch) the Locus wear app is unable to start the sensor and to keep it at work. It needs SGT to do it instead.

The first experience I had was somewhat better - Locus was able to start the sensor when the app was in foreground and not dimmed but as soon as the watch screen dimmed (with Locus still in foreground), it couldn't keep the HR sensor at work. At least that is my current interpretation of the problem.

You could try this for yourself and it might be good to have another confirmation: Install the SGT tracker app, get it working on the watch and run Locus at the same time. If my reasoning is correct, you would then get constant HR readings as well, no zero values.
Locus Map Watch / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
September 18, 2018, 11:48:19
Quote from: milan.cejnar on September 18, 2018, 11:15:53
I am using MIUI 8.5 and can confirm that without disabling battery optimizations Locus Map quickly loses GPS in the background or gets terminated. Wear add-on surprisingly runs even without disabling optimizations at least on my phone.
I have found ton of messages regarding problems with bluetooth on MIUI. It does work for some versions - somewhere in the 8.5 range :) - but the next few up have the problem. It is not limited to the WearOS devices, it is a general BT problem, people cannot connect to car devices as well. I would say, somebody has probably forgotten to get the BT connection an exception from optimisation in system in these versions.
I didn't find anything about possible solutions.
What I am doing seems to be working, I have confirmed it again today: Unless I lock the WearOS app in the memory, it just looks like everything is running fine - but the BT won't either connect at all, or the WearOS app is "saying" it is connected, but the connection is not really running stable (for example no screenshot possible, etc.). Locus on Wear is getting the "not connected" message at the same time.

Since my first message, there was update of system/wear os app/google play services on the watch as well, and since then I cannot get single reading of HR from Locus on Wear by itself, where the previous version got the values at least if Locus was in foreground and not dimmed. Might be some optimisation somewhere in the updates.

Locus Map Watch / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
September 17, 2018, 21:59:56
Quote from: milan.cejnar on September 13, 2018, 16:19:51
... @Marie here also has some general Wear OS connectivity issues if I understand correctly. I really don't understand what is Google doing with the platform but it is not so great so far :/

Thanks for a lot of info and nice graph to show what is going on. It seems you actually have 2 separate problems. The first one is a problem that fera and a also sometimes Danjel have which is that a lot of data is missing from the recording so the HRM is dropping to zero way too often. That is something I will try to fix.
The second problem seems to be that your watch is probably killing of the foreground HRM service when you exit the app. That is something I will check but honestly don't think I will be able to fix. The OS should not be killing off foreground services under normal circumstances and I am not sure why your watch is so mean to do that to the Locus app.

In the meantime, I did some changes on my phone and updated everything I could (system, google play services, Wear OS to latest version). The Wear OS (connection) problems might be solved - I need to check over a longer time then the single bug-free day I had.

The problem was there on MIUI9, and was slightly better on fresh install of MIUI10 (8.9.6, last weekly version from without any changes from standard settings. It still didn't work well enough and I got BT-disconnects quite often.

To troubleshoot the bluetooth connection, there are some changes needed in the system: both Locus and Wear OS need to have "power saving" disabled, additionally both need to be "locked in memory" and both run slightly better if "wakelock" is manually enabled in permissions (including allowing wakelock initialised from 3rd party apps). I suspect this would be true for all apps which have to run even in part in the background - for example the HR zones plugin. This seems to stabilize the Bluetooth connection so that no "lost connection" comes up. It did clear the problem when the watch couldn't be paired at all as well, no more "Airplane mode" on/off or resetting the phone and hoping for best to get it working since I set it up this way. It isn't enough to disable the power saving features, for some reason it needs the additional changes as well.

This might (but only might) be a solution even for MIUI9, but the settings (and switches) needed are hidden deeper im System and some might be inpossible to set without rooting. No idea, I won't be going back to this version.

With these settings, Locus is running stable on both phone and watch, the connection is solid and the recording can be initialised from phone or from watch, and closed from phone or watch as well.

Regarding heartrate from the watch:
The Locus app was on the watch in foreground, on screen. I have disabled any power saving feature I found/I could access. Unfortunatelly, I cannot fine tune it the same way as the phone.
Locus was running fine, but the HR was not read (this time, on its own it didn't get even single reading). As soon as I started SGT on the watch, Locus on the phone started to display HR, the recording includes both HR and cadence from ANT+ sensor without a problem and without a single glitch anywhere.

I am ready to test any beta version for possible solution. But for me, this is working fine just as it is.
It just seems that Locus on Wear, at least on my watch, would need to push harder to get HR reading, it can at the moment only read the heartrate if it is already provided by something else. Just to be clear,  it does have the needed premission - this shows inside of the app on watch as well as in application info in system. I did look at permission of SGT - this has additionally "storage" and "GPS" permission on the watch.

Locus Map Watch / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
September 12, 2018, 14:18:58
Quote from: Danjel Rojka on September 11, 2018, 15:25:03
Am I the only one where it works reasonably well?

I would expect people posting when they have problems, not when everything works as expected... Myself, I wouldn't be here except a short thank you, if there was nothing to troubleshoot.

To be clear, I am not complaining about Locus. The connection problems I have are Wear problems, it has nothing to do with Locus alone. It might be a combination of Wear and MIUI, I'll try to update to latest MIUI and / or LineageOS.

And I could live with the problem I had with HR on Wear (reading HR only when in foreground, but could be avoided if another app was initialising the readings). For me, using 3rd party app as workaround would be fine. I was getting everything I needed in Locus this way in real time and everything was in the track recorded.

But if something is not working exactly as expected, IMHO, best is to give very detailed feedback. The developer can ignore it when they want but nobody can expect them to test any combination of hardware and software.
And any workaround could help others with the same problem.

Locus Map Watch / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
September 11, 2018, 10:40:03
Continuing the message in the help topic about HR on Ticwatch E and Redmi Note 4x:

Bit more details
Ticwatch E: Wear version, rights given all except Storage (noticed just now)
Locus Map version 1.1.6

Redmi Note 4x: System MIUI 9 (9.3.22), Wear OS
Locus Map version 3.32.2, HR addon v. 1.0.7

Bit more for troubleshooting the HR reading:
On its own, Locus was running on the watch but the HR sensor was not, unless the app was on the screen in foreground and about 1 min after it went in background (the watch face dimmed). Locus was running without problems, simply tapping the watch to bring it in foreground again was enough to get again several HR readings. But as soon as the watch dimmed, the HR ran only for a few moments more.
While in background, Locus was only reading HR already provided by SGT, not initialising the reading. From the recording, the exact moment when I started SGT is very clear.

The first hour was Locus only, the second with SGT and the third (roughly) when the connection dropped and Locus recorded from the phone only.

The connection problem seems to be constant and somewhat puzzling, wear os is saying "connected" but I have noticed that no app can use the BT connection, so it is not only Locus. All apps where they connect are connecting through WIFI.
The only thing I would like to change on Locus side is to break the HR reading if no connection is detected, so that the reset is not necessary.

I'll have to reset the watch and to delete the connection on phone again to hopefully bring the BT connection back.