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Hi Ondrej

Thanks for your answer.

I've now realized, that the problem currently only exists on my company PC, -> could also be related to a firewall that blocks content...
but the strange thing for me was, that tracks are displayed correctly but no icons for POIs. With the element picker, I've now seen, that these "objects" come from different locations.

On my private PC it currently works fine.

So if you have an idea if it could be something else than a firewall issue (or content blocking) it would be fine but don't spend a lot of time for this.

Here some URLs of POIs that aren't displayed:

<img _ngcontent-xtw-c75="" alt="Icon" src="">

<img _ngcontent-xtw-c75="" alt="Icon" src="">

<img _ngcontent-xtw-c75="" alt="Icon" src="">
Hi all

I use the web planner since some months and it works really fine.

But since some days, there are no Icons showed, resp the same symbol (somehow a "cracked" icon) for all types of POIs that are synced from the Android App.

You can find an exaple in the attached png file.

Is this a known problem?
What can I do to fix this?
Hi menion

If I uncheck "Show on map after import" option, the map will not zoom out but the imported POIs are not set to visible. This is really not what we want, we import the caches to see them on the map. But it is not needed, to zoom out te see them all at once.

I wouldn't mix the two options "Show on map after import" and "do not change the zoom and map center". As bongo stated, the zoom option could also be a permanent setting since the dialogue I mentioned doesn't show up if caches are read from the GSAK DB addon without importing them (option "allow import" disabled in GSAK DB addon).
@Werner_Kastanek: I do this as well, at least since the live update isn't working anymore. It was the proposal of Saturo, to export geocaches and then import them. In my last post I was commenting this.

However, GSAK addon with live update is the smartest solution to show geocaches in Locus and from my point of view, something that makes Locus really excellent compared to other moving map apps.

If someday the GSAK addon won't work at all (hopefully it comes not to that) we will have to export caches and import them  :(
Since the GSAK DB addon live update is no longer working, one has now to import geocaches manually as POIs.

Unfortunately, this does always change the zoom level at the end of the import.

This may be a feature to view all imported POIs, for me it's not very helpful. Is it possible to disable this behaviour or to make it configurable? (perhaps in the import dialogue).

Thanks in advance for your answer
Exporting Caches from GSAK (you don't write how, but I think you mean as GPX) and then importing them in Locus is really a pain, compared by the smart solution with the gsak database addon with live update of the map.

It's really a pitty, that there is no solution of this very smart feature is planned...
Are there plans to fix this issue in the near future?

Are there no other Locus users that have (or will have) the same problem?

Is there another solution to display geocaches in Locus that are imported from a GSAK DB?
Hi all

I'm patient too, but nevertheless I'm curious if there are some news concerning this problem.

Thank you for a short status report about this issue.

Best regards
I'm also no Android specialist, but I don't think, that the gsak addon has to get the location, the location is given from Locus Map.

I made a short test, I got 20 times in perhaps one minute manual caches from the addon (different map center, 3km radius), this worked without problems. But the live update works never.

I don't know, how this live update works, perhaps this can be changed (according to bongos proposal) in a way, similar to the manual import...
Another question: why is Locus Map able to get the geocaches from the addon for the direct import but not for the live update?

In both cases, the geocache data is delivered by the gsak db addon.
I use only Locus Map Pro.

That's then bad news, because only using direct import is way not that comfortable than using the live update...
Yes, I know this switch, it's set to on (double checked it, tried to disable and enable it -> still not working).
No, live update has nothing to do with loggin in to Groundspeak servers, it means that the geocaches in locus map are updated from the GSAK DB that s stored on the mobile when you move the map.

when you try to import geocaches manually from the GSAK DB, this would also work (but only in a specified radius around the actual map position.

The problem seems to be that locus doesn't get (or read) the updates when the map is moved...
Thanks for the quick answer.

Yes, my GSAK Db was on the external flash, this worked well with Android 7 (before the update to Android 8 ).

I tried to copy the DB to the internal flash and select this GSAK DB but live update still does not work.
Yesterday I updated my Samsung Galaxy S7 to Android 8.0.0 (Oreo).

After this, live update of waypoints from the gsak database addon does not work anymore, manual update is still working fine.

Is this a known problem with android 8.0.0? Do I have to configure somethin different or what will be the solution for this problem?

My Locus version is up to date (3.32.1).

Best regards