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I can't start any version of locus since 2.8.1. Any later version brings this error. I tried reinstalling locus pro, but this didnt solved problem.

Im using cyanogen mod 7.2 stable.
Locus quits when recording track several times. Notification were visible, and performs cold start when  clicked. I don't have many services running, so it should have enought ram.
Latest version sometimes quits without any dialog. It happen when screen is off after locus turn backlight to minimum, and can happen if logging/guiding is active. I can't make error happen every time, but lately it quits several times.
On wildfire vector maps are useless now, they are loading very slow.
If you have a root acess you can edit gps.conf for auto-refresh. I modified my file and have fix in ~15s. Also hanged server to poland ;)
I,ve got same error, but with last update my maps work perfect.
Here is sample map and wpt that should be in west edge of the lake in the center of map. In locus wpt is where it should be, but map is not there.
Troubles & Questions / Error in rmap calibration
January 20, 2012, 20:49:44
I've made some maps in compegps land in rmap format. Maps works fine, but latest updates makes them useles. I've got map with center in my home location, but locus says coorditanes are beyond map borders. In compegps maps works, and so in first updates with rmap.
Declined / Standalone widget
December 31, 2011, 20:53:58
I like locus' widget, but after move to sd, it isn't available. Could you upload standalone version for those, who use locus on external card (sth like catch' widget).
I got it two times yesterday, but can't get it today. Maybe it was glitch after rooting my htc and changing vm to 32mb.
I tried today navigation with latest version, and screen isn't following position change (also without navigation, but with route displayed). When deleted route, following works again.
In latest version still can't select dir for maps (in dir picker asked 'select', but no change in dir list). Also gps info in top panel isn't refreshing, and constantly shows first measure (alt,fix,speed).

Edit: I can add dir if it's placed in root dir of sd card, but can't add /mapsRaster in locus dir.
And one more - when have more maps in /maps locus start slower than with only one sqlite map. Could be scanning for new maps be activated from map menu, not on application start?
Troubles & Questions / Re: Preferred map format
December 17, 2011, 20:30:14
Quote from: "bongo"so now i tried the following:

- extract a .tif file using ozimaptrans
- manually edit the original .map file to point to the .tif file
- read both into compegps land and save as .RMAP
- then i placed the .RMAP file into the locus/maps folder

unfortunately, locus cannot see the .RMAP file.
what am i still doing wrong?????????????????????

I've got same problem. I have 1 sqlite and 2 rmaps in/maps. Locus sees only one rmap. Both of them are created with compegps.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Garmin Map conversion
December 11, 2011, 20:41:00
I used convert labels to russian in mapedit.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Garmin Map conversion
December 10, 2011, 09:43:28
I converted sample map from mp to osm.pbf. Script limit is 50k nodes per file, and map labels must use english alphabet only. Still can't convert from pbf to map - got many errors and osmosis quits.