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Implemented / Re: Send track as email
March 17, 2012, 21:56:46
Thank you for including
Unfortunalitaly it seems to doesn't work. When I choose trainingstagebuch and click on Export
nothing happens except a message that one track has been exported.
But there is no email going out.
When I send a track by hand to the email-adress">
everything works.

Regards, Thomas
Implemented / Re: Send track as email
March 11, 2012, 09:50:40
Yes, same way would be great. Using their API isn't necessary. There are only benefits if you want to edit the details and if you want to show an overview of all your trainings etc.

Thank you!!!
Implemented / Send track as email
March 08, 2012, 23:53:38

I am using to manage my biking and running activities.
It would be great to have the possibility to export tracks to
This can be done by their API or by sending the track to a certain email-adress.

Although having the possibility to export directly to,
the possibility to send a track directly per email would be OK, too.
And this could be useful for others, too.

Would be perfect if the email-adress would be stored, so you only would
have to choose the adress, if you want to change it.

Regards, Thomas
First test with the new version was positive. Thank you :-)

I sent you some logs to">
Hope they are useful.

I also have the problem that tiles are not always drawn.

Regards, Thomas
Same problem, too. To me, it seems that there are several problems since version 1.11 oder 1.12.

Is it possible to download older versions?
Locus crashed several times again. Often, but not only when recording. I think I started CatLog too late. I could not see anything of Locus in the log file. When it crashed I had the option to send a report. Did you get that?

no, I used built in GPS.

Just installed CatLog. We'll see...

Thank you, Thomas
Troubles & Questions / Locus crashes after recording
September 18, 2011, 22:39:24

last two weekends Locus crashed when I was recording.
When I startet Locus again recording was still enabled.
I had to be very fast to stop recording. Otherwise it crashed again.

Unfortunately I can not tell when this was exactly. I don't think I was
doing something special before it crashed. It was not crashing instantly,
but after several minutes.
I have 400MB of free space on SD-Card. So writing data shouldn't be the problem.

Now, when I start Locus it sometimes crashes without recording.

Phone is Motoroly Defy with Android 2.2
Last weekend Locus was 1.12 I think, now it is 1.13.1

Regards, Thomas
Are there any news about that?

Besides that, it would be great to have the possibility to import from outdooractive the private tours of my account.

Regards, Tom
Implemented / Re: Waypoints edit by dragging
September 11, 2011, 01:19:51
I'd like this feature, too. This makes at least two ;-)
Implemented / Re: Locus as bike computer
August 30, 2011, 21:45:26
OK. Looking forward for improvements.

BUT: I created my first custom screen, or more precise I changed one of the samples. And it worked quite well. Most of the things I wanted work now.
I was searching quite a lot of time how to turn map, until I found that these settings are just taken from main window.... quite silly.
Since zooming also works with two fingers, I can live without buttons for that.

So, since it works now nearly perfect, that's OK for me. But nevertheless some suggestions:
- Working with XML, and things like linear layout etc. are very hard to understand for non-geeks. Having the oportunity to show some simple information in main window without custom screen would be good for many users
- You could hide the top-bar (Home-Button, Name of CS, Menu to choose CS), since this is valuable screen space
- It should be possible to have special characters, like german "Umlaute" like ä, ö, ü. At least I didn't manage that.
Implemented / Re: Locus as bike computer
August 30, 2011, 10:00:49
Quote from: "menion"why Locus can't be used with custom screens as usual?
I didn't build my own one. But at least with the ones that are built in, I can't zoom, show standard buttons when "doubletapping" etc. And very import for me: map does not turn when phone turns.

Are those things possible when building my own custom screens?

Regards, Tom
Implemented / Re: Locus as bike computer
August 30, 2011, 01:43:03

unfortunately locus can't be used with custom screens as usual.
I think this is not very nice.

Also, I'm sure many users use locus like me. I'm also sure that many
of them would like to have a bike computer view.

I have never written an android app, but since the variables for speed etc. must already exist,
I can not imagine that it's too hard to code that. But perhaps I'm wrong...

Regards, Thomas
Implemented / Locus as bike computer
August 27, 2011, 01:06:01

would it be possible to view basic information as on a bike computer?
I think of speed (of course), distance (e.g. since track recording), actual height etc.

I know there is the possibility of custom screens, but I think this is too complicated for
the "standard"-user.
Also you loose the ability to use locus as in standard-view.

Regards, Thomas