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I enter some basic points, not along a route, but just points on the landscape (iron age remains).

I entered this on my android, not using import, but manually, from my desktop PC at home, and not in the field.

Some of these points I later found have misspellings I want to fix, and I also want to change some of the earliest locations from my best guess to more accurate, published longitude and latitude data.

Despite what the user guide shows me should be the case, I simply cannot find any way to edit point information. The three-dot option button NEVER shows me the pencil with the Edit option.

I would love to know how to edit when I want, rather than to have to delete the point and start over.

I tried to export the GPX file, but although Locus (android) told me it was successful, I cannot find the *.gpx file on the devise. It wrote to a folder called "sdcard", a default, but my Huawei has a huge memory and no sdcard slot, so the default file name is useless, and locus wont let me type in a folder i actually have. it seems to require an sdcard folder.

Please, if possible, an answer with minimal geek-speak would be appreciated, because i am a a 63-year old guy who last programmed on mainframe computers in Fortran and SAS 30 years ago, and i have not kept up as regards programming languages (my fault, but please understand my need).

Best wishes to all, and I see you out there in the woods and fields!"