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I guess it shouldn't be the case of my Nexus S, supposed to be the current flagship phone for Android :)

Thanks, it makes sense. Without data, it can't use capabilities of A-GPS. Then I have to wait a long time, like any other GPS :)

I have a Nexus S on Android 2.3.4 and the latest Locus Pro.

Last week, I've downloaded the map of Warsaw, Poland and tested that the app worked from home by forcing the offline mode (and by deactivating data globally on Android). But when I was in Warsaw for real, the app was unable to find my location...

I tried with the official Google Maps app too (even without data, as I was in a foreign country) and it couldn't find my location either! So the problem may not come from your app, but I can't understand what was the problem :| Maybe we have to wait a loooong time before the GPS could find our position?

Thanks :)