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Quote from: menion on January 20, 2014, 13:26:30
ah so good news at least for me :) Thank you!!

Yep it is..

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Quote from: menion on January 18, 2014, 16:28:53
ufff ... seem's you're not the only one with this problem ...

Unfortunately I do not know any solution now. Hope we find something soon ...

I'll use internal until then. No problem.
Tnx for looking into it. .

Hey Menion
I have spoken to a Samsung dude... it is at Samsung bug, and they are aware of it.
I have tested the apk and is getting same error (can't access storage in read / write mode)
It is wierd Root Explore can't delete from, but Stock file manager can.
USB storage is not on.

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Quote from: wurlitzer on January 18, 2014, 09:55:50
Hi, I'm having kitkat on my note 3. There are restrictions for writing on external SD cards for apps. It's not a samsung bug, it's a restriction from the new Android 4.4.2 on external SD card. I can't create or copy files with solid Explorer, too.

Yes that could be it..But Samsung has to open up for support when is pressent on Samsung devices.
Edit: I have no problems create folders or copy/paste and delete to with Stock file browser,  but Root Explore does not work.

Menion report is send..14 mb
Quote from: menion on January 18, 2014, 09:22:09
so to sumarize it ..

- card is OK
- all possible apps may write to your card without problems
- only Locus is not able even a create own directory!

Interesting is also, that locus check at start if is able to create and write to "locus" directory. if not, you should get warning that root cannot be created. Anyway I yesterday evening found a quite simple way how to create log on your device.

Please try
- delete Locus folder
- start Locus
- after error, close it
- go to system settings > developer options (if you do not see, do this )
- in "developer options" click first "Take bug report"  > Report
- keep device calm and after a while, you will get notification that report is ready to send, so send it to

In log will be probably any error, so I hope it will be useful and we will see where is a problem

Hey Menion
1.Yes Card works fine.
2. All other Apps can access sd with out errors
3. Locus can only create dir/folder on internal sd not on ext. Sd.
It seams to me that Locus can't write a dir to, but others can.

I'll do what you wrote , my Dev options is on..I just have to move or copy the Locus folder and open Locus.
I'll make a report later today

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Quote from: Christian on January 17, 2014, 23:51:11
How do you move the Locus folder to ext SD Card?

It doesn't matter how it will be moved or copied, Locus will not accept a Locus folder on ext sd. It comes with the error, no matter if it is empty or not.
I can move the locus app to sd, but not the folder.. it's a stock Samsung rom 4.4.2 every thing worked fine on Stock 4.3, so i figure that it a Samsung issue, maybe..... I can't check it on Nexus 7.. there is no ext. sd as you know.
No problems with other apps.. I found that if the Locus folder is on int. Sd then it works fine,  but if I move the folder to ext sd,  then I causes that error.
I can also move the app to sd, with out problems...but not the Locus Folder.
I'll will format my ext sd,  to see if that helps.
I have to copy it all first. Brb

I have now formated the Sd card and that did'nt do it.. still same error .
I'll try a earlier Locus apk to se if that helps, with Locus folder on ext sd, I don't want my Locus folder on internal sd.
Edit: There is no apk to dl... so no test.
Yes.. It was emty when i installed Locus, and it is emty now, that is wierd.. ext-sd..
There is no Locus folder on internal sd either.
I.ll try to play around with it and maybe wipe the phone completely again. I have never seen that before and i have had Locus from the start.
No it is not rooted..I have deleted the Locus folder on the ex-sd card and installed Locus again and got this.. There are no files in the folder.

Quote from: menion on January 17, 2014, 10:01:17
I have absolutely no idea, sorry

In Locus/backup/auto should be automatic backups of Locus settings. Inside zip files are database files as well as some settings. Are you able to manually copy content of this zip file to correct places in existing Locus directory?

Yes I have copied it, but still getting the  database error.. I'll wipe it all and copy it all from my Nexus 7 2013 to my sd card and see how that will do.
It won't restore the backups with settings and dashboard either.
I think it is a Samsung bug of some sort. . It works fine on Nexus 7 2013 Android 4.4.2 but not on Tw 4.4.2.. That is weird.
It's is a read /write problem I think,  but I haven't changed anything, from 4.3.
I have done a factory reset,  but the problem is still there.
It is not rooted.
I have activated log in Locus.
Permissions is set to rwxrwx-
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Quote from: Christian on January 16, 2014, 09:23:33
The path to the database and folders is possibly wrong. Samsung changed in 4.1.2. the name of the sd card to "/extSDCard" wich is really stupid.
So you have to check the path. If its wrong, install Locus from scratch and copy manually all contents in the new folder structure.

No i don't think that that is the problem,  it worked fine with 4.3. But not with 4.4.2

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Hey Menion
After installation of Stock Tw 4.4.2 on my Note 3 I get database error (waypoints & tracks) i have copied the ones from backup,  but that doesn't help...  What to do.?
I can't restore dashboard and settings either..
I don't understand it , it worked fine with Tw 4.3

Troubles & Questions / Re: Sv: Gps speed
August 08, 2013, 16:38:41
Quote from: "menion"I've rather added another unit into list, so now there is for choose

km/h, mil/h, nmi/h, kn
It's the same (nmi/h and kn), I know but someone want to use this, someone other ... probably best solution

and Falcon view files aren't supported

Oki, thats nice.. I'll see if there is a converter for Falcon view files,when I get back to faster Internet connection.

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Troubles & Questions / Re: Gps speed
August 08, 2013, 15:24:36
Quote from: "menion"I'm almost sure, there always were nautical miles per hour

anyway so point is, you don't want to see "1.65 nmi/h", but rather "1.65 kn". That's the whole point, right?

Yes, if it is possible... :-)

I have a question more, can Locus read .it files.?
It is Falcon view files...

Have tried.. it doesn't.