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Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus Mock-GPS App
January 28, 2017, 00:25:16
seems like I got the solution. you have to activate GPS in Locus Map. I always thought, that I would activate the GPS from my mobile phone with this, but somehow it doesnt not - the blue point is finally appearing
Troubles & Questions / Locus Mock-GPS App
January 23, 2017, 00:27:24
Hi, I bought a Bluetooth gps and I want to use it on tours. I want to use Locus and Runtastic (to track my route) at the same time.  Now the problem is I can't use the external GPS on two apps.  I can set the BT-GPS in Locus Map OR in the app called Bluetooth GPS, while setting the app as mock-gps app in developer settings. First I tried using external GPS via "Bluetooth GPS" (app). This way it worked great in Runtastic and for example Google Maps. In Locus Map it found my position too, but I had to hit the center button all the time to follow my position. A point which is marking and following my position is missing. Then I uninstalled "Bluetooth GPS ", because I saw you can set Locus as mock-GPS app. I connected external GPS in Locus settings, but GPS works only in Locus, not Runtastic or Google maps.  Ergo sum: I can't use Locus and another app both together properly.  Isnt Locus able to be a mock-GPS app? Can I do something that Locus is working properly when I use another appointment as Mock-GPS? Any other solution? Thanks,

as the topic says...

i dont use locus often at the moment (since it is so cold), but sometimes the sidebar is (with the + to add more quick icons) is gone and simultanous the GPS is deactivated. for BOTH, the GPS and the sidebar I dont find options in the settings to turn it off or show the sidebar (or add more icons). thats a pretty bad combination, since I have the GPS turn on/off icon in the sidebar - it seems like this is the only way to turn gps on.....

please help
okay I got it... i downloaded the caches when I wasnt logged in with my account, I downloaded caches again and now it works.

thank you very much
but I am premium member on

any idea where the problem is?
Troubles & Questions / Geocaching4Locus trouble(?)
January 01, 2017, 17:41:18
When viewing geocache informations, it shows the Geocache page from when clicking on Listing. also there is no option to view the logs... is there something wrong or am I missing something? new changes?

Problem is, downloading caches, even with offlinizer is, wont save Listing-informations nor Logs... Locus is now of much more less use for geocachers...
is it to much questioning if I ask, how you can download the data from ?
Okay thanks, no problem.

And the pink lines (for the hiking trails) get really bold, seems like they support only a certain (amount? percentage? dont know the word) of zoom. Is there a possibility that the lines are still sharp when zooming in more? Like changing something in xml?

And btw, can I use the overlay even when being offline?

Thank you very much so far =)
yay! Thank you! thats pretty much what I want (I chose the overlay). Little bit I dislike the pink of the routes.. but its okay, still I would like to know, if its possible to change the color or remove the pink path? But well, I see they got the same on , so I just got what I wanted

any solution for federal borders?
I am searching for an overlay or a theme.. I dont know, I am really new to this and just tried many themes in the last 2 times, but in every theme I am missing something or its too much.

I got now the maps from openandromaps and openmaps and I'd like to add an overlay with hiking routes. (For openmaps I'd like to have an overlay for federal borders too)

After researching I found this topic:;board=43.0 and the guy posted this website: .

The appearance of the hiking trails is pretty much, what I am seeking for. I'd like to have the color of a trail and also the symbol (also the number of a hiking route would be very nice, but not necesseraly).

Does anybody know a theme, which includes this and I can use on the basic map from andromaps or openmaps? Or is there a not so much complicate way to integrates single elements (like hiking routs, borders, etc.) into a vector map?

regards and sorry, if I am a pain in the neck =)
Maps / Re: please help converting...
December 22, 2015, 01:20:47
thanks, andromaps saved the day
Maps / Re: please help converting...
December 21, 2015, 09:08:41
Thats a little bit what I meant. I read many topics in the last time, to be really known with the tool and the more I know it, the more it got difficult to me, telling other people of Locus.

One the one side, especially for geocachers: The geocaching tools (g4l, fieldnotes, etc.) itself work well and thou there are many things to prepare your Locus, to get started, in the end it makes your life easier.

But in the last time I read things from users who were asking about stuff, I really dont understand (like moding, and so on) and I am not dumb, just unused to this stuff. I was asking myself: Do I want to introduce myself with these things? I answered myself: I want to keep myself a simply user, because most of users are or will be too.

And most of the geocachers will be satisfied with whats inside of Locus and those who are more into moding and stuff, already did it when using other apps or devices and just have to do it now with Locus.

But there are also things, I will wait for.. like POIs on LoMaps.. even me as a simply user recognize, that these points arent part of the actual map... like extra database or a layer over the map. I dont understand, why I have to stick with this. And themes.. I dont know, could be easier too? I am really unused to it.

Doesnt matter, I will keep on researching and trying and finding the best solution to explain all the stuff to new introduced ppl as simple and as effective, as possible.
Maps / Re: please help converting...
December 21, 2015, 08:30:58
I will test it on evening, if I like the one of openandro

As I said, its really much of a choice of taste, but thats me, I like beautiful maps with no strong colours which jump in your face.

If I like it, will keep on moving making more tutorials about Locus on youtube (thou I am new to this and need more practice and experience) and spread Locus in german geocaching community. Atm I am a little bit demotivated to make more videos and I will wait some time of developing and start sharing them, till I am satisfied with the tool (I have to test few things, which should be already in the tool or fixed, but I am satisfied for me, but that doesnt mean, its simply to convince others, many things are following [and thats good, but some changes will make the videos look old and accurate anymore and I have to do new one], which will make locus perfect) and also I have to work on my performance (of talking in videos =) ).
Maps / Re: please help converting...
December 21, 2015, 07:59:21
nothing, I bought the maps for Austria... except outdooractive of course

Map1eu: I use this map for hiking, when I need to know the routes and colours of hiking paths. But its not very harmonious and not very detailed (dont zoom in too much...)

LoMap: Its good, because its a vector map, dont uses much space and outside of towns, I like it. But the colours of big streets are too strong, esp. in town you can see it, the train line is ugy and you cant turn off POIs.. those were sucking on performance and 95% of time, I dont need and want to know, where a a church, a hospital, etc. is. The colours of hiking paths are many times just wrong.

outdooractive: simply to expensive, but doesnt convince me with design neither

OSM is simply more harmonious. I like the appearance of the foot patchs, the colours of streets arent too strong and still you know where those streets are... its more filigreed overall (like train lines), thou I miss terrain lines, for which I switch to mapsforge (LoMap)

And now since MapQuest changed their policy, the Locus function of downloading map tiles is simply useless, except for satellite photos. 10.000 tiles for OSM are too less and as far as I understand OSM isnt a drawn map (so a vector map?), downloading a lot of pictures is quite stupid. But doesnt matter, you cant download OSM Classic at all.

Its alot a question of taste and since locus cant use pbf, I am sticked to mapsforge or have to hope, that internet is available and fast enough. It's unsatisfying overall.
Maps / please help converting...
December 20, 2015, 22:10:17

I know this is maybe the wrong place, but I tried today the whole day to get osmosis started, but its simple not possible on windows 10.. one error occurred after another...

I would really like to use the OSM map offline in Locus, without downloading tiles for weeks and months, because of the damn limit by OSM....

I know there are many pros in this forum and I am requesting your aid in this matter, converting me the austrian map from .pbf to .map and make it possible for me to share it (Dropbox or whatever). I would be very thankful


Thank you