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Themes - Vector maps / making a "custom" theme
November 05, 2015, 04:47:57
I'm trying to make a custom theme based on one of the other available publicly themes.  I figured  out how to turn contour lines off.

I'm doing middle of Idaho (no where), and want all the "roads" out to a 10 mile zoom level including tertiary and unclassified.

I'm guessing zoom level 1 is the world,  zoom level 20 is zoomed way in. Correct?

I started with Elements 3.1.0.  I cannot figure out what section controls the color of the unclassified roads - I want to change the color, and I want to make it so they show up on a bigger area - I don't have to zoom in so far to find them.

I'm using the "Idaho" vector map if it matters on an S3 Note.

Thank you very much,