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Troubles & Questions / Re: Delay when export to Strava
September 16, 2017, 22:06:10
The problem is not resolved...when i export activities have allways 1 hour delay...I have xiaomi redmi 4 with miui8.

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I chose screen allways on and unlock screen disabled. But allway shutdown the screen when i start again the screen is allways blocked..doesnt work this feature..

I wave Redmi4prime with miui8

Enviado do meu Redmi+4 através de Tapatalk
I record activities in locus, but when I export to strava, in strava the activity have 1 hour of delay!

Today I start run at 19.30...finish 20.30. I export to strava and in strava start at 20.30 and finish 21.30!

I have last version. My phone is Xiaomi Redmi 4 with miui8.

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I have problems when export my activities to strava - the activity in strava have 1 hour later than reality...fix this please.

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Troubles & Questions / Locus at smartwatch
February 13, 2017, 16:45:36

Locus is available and works in this smartwatches:

KingWear KW88 3G
Finow X3 Plus 3G
Zeblaze Blitz 3G

Anyone can verify?

Thank you...

I have this on Locus -

Is it possible have overlay of global heat map strava on Google Earth??

Thank you!!