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A-ha, thanks for the answer! I tried my best googling for the problem and using the search of this board, I wasn't aware of the Locus helpdesk section, that will become useful in future. Good to know that I wasn't the only one with the "problem", and good to know that solution will be upcoming.

I guess the /Mapitems method is the "correct" way to manage kmz overlays, but for some situations it's very handy to be able to import random kmz files quickly via the 'import data' function.
Hi there, pro user here. Thanks for the developer for this fantastic application, I use it in numerous different occasions and it really does it all. However, I think something changed in recent version(s), as I am not able any more to import a Google Earth generated kmz via Main menu -> Import data -> [select .kmz]. The kmz contains only JPG image, not tracks or points. The usual "File(s) does not contain any points or tracks for the import - Do you want to load and display content on map?" info box shows, but unlike always before, nothing will shop on map when the answer "yes" is selected.

I just learned however, that there's a workaround via Data -> "Items" tab -> [highlight .kmz](that's previously copied to /Mapitems folder).

Did something change in the last update regarding this?