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Yes Menion, looks like we really want to add this map on LOCUS, the best !  :mrgreen:

So I would like to help but I don't know how!?

In an old free version, hum  :oops: , it's still working... So it should be possible to get the solution to make customs xml files isn't ?
Quote from: "gribnik"... Locus db format is suitable only for online sources.
Are you sure ? Locus use offline maps (atlases) perfectly isn't ? Maybe different DB ?

Actually we need 1 of the 2 options :
1) locus can open others maps sources
2) a tool to convert maps to Locus

I'm pretty sure Menion will have a good solution for us.   :D

With oruxmap desktop, only a single image as map can be calibrated. It would be greater to be able to make atlases than single map. I heard something about a tool for making atlases for Trekbuddy. I will try to find something.
Quote from: "bobo007"You have to use MOBAC in version 1.9 beta 1 maximum - try this one ... -1-zip-zip - the last version with original widest range of data sources.

Works fine thanks ! Just miss the swissmaps!  :(
From TTQV we should first convert it to oziexplorer (.map) with Ozimapconverter. Works fine. Also convert in/to others formats.

We just need now to have a good way/tool to make atlases from ozi maps (.map). Any idea ?
Various & Bin / Re: Personal maps editing
May 09, 2011, 16:47:38
Almost the same yes.

I was thinking to use the first map and add area to make it bigger, over the previous map... not a new area in another place.

Actually if your map is too small, you should create a new bigger one and not only edit it and make it greater. Or create a new map but in this case miss the feature to autoload maps...  ;)
Various & Bin / Re: Personal maps editing
May 09, 2011, 15:41:50
I'm not surprised... to be honest!  :mrgreen:  I lost my english because I don't practice anymore.

So, I try to explain in a better way.

Actually once you made a map you can't edit it. So if you miss a part you should create a new one instead the old one. Right ?
It would be a good feature to be able to edit the "wrong" map allready made and add new zone and/or zoom.

Is that easier to understand now ?
Various & Bin / Personal maps editing
May 09, 2011, 14:53:42
Hi once again,

I know this is harder, but a feature to edit a personal map.


#) map allready created.
+) new part of map added to the first map.

This feature can also help to the server overload
Implemented / Routes / tracks editing
May 09, 2011, 14:44:25
Hi again,

Any possibility to add features to edit a route or a track ?

If you make a route and missed a point in the middle, would be great to edit it and just add, or remove the point...
Implemented / Re: improve route planning
May 09, 2011, 14:36:42
Thanks !

Work fine now !!
I had the same problem will using Nonimapview (desktop app like MOBAC).

A good idea is to use a delay in ms for downloading tiles (200ms, 500ms, etc) in that way downloading big maps is longer but works fine and then less tiles are downloaded in same times.

Maybe you can try, first to add a delay and see what append. Why not q bigger delay for downloading whole maps and smeller in normal (online) mode.

I guess it is not too bad if a map is charged in 30min in place of 10min. Maybe the delay can vary in function of size of maps to create. Big map = bigger delay...

With delay, online mode will not be affected as we do not load a lot of tiles in short times...  :D
Implemented / Re: improve route planning
May 03, 2011, 10:36:54
Hi Menion,

I just tested the feature to follow a route and see the distance to the end at the top bar but...

1) top bar show 2.6 km what is the distance between the to last points and not the total distance to the end (2.6 + 0.5 = 3.1km)

[2.6 km] <- (Top bar)

---------------------------X------------------------------X (end)

It is not better to show the total whole distance to the end ? So no need to calculate to know the exact route meaning ?
Implemented / Re: show altitude with coordinate
April 30, 2011, 02:51:45
Until Menion add this feature, use "get altitude"
All maps are in same folder and it does not woeks.

This option really miss !!

As Pathaway on Palm it would be great :
1) to load new map if out of the first
In that way it is possible to create a map and then create a new map just beside the 1st and that's it

2) to know which maps are "ready" under the cursor to change to it
In that way you can creat maps in different providers and different zoom and just ask which maps you have to change to it.

I hope you understand my bad english.

PS: here a small drawing to explain the point 2

Is there a way that Locus use maps made with that converter tool ?
There is so many software to make offline maps: TTQV, Fugawi, Pathaway, Oziexplorer. I mean making offline maps with paper maps scanned, cd-rom maps, etc. Not created maps from internet like MOBAC.

With Oruxmap there is a desktop tool to make maps with coordinates. I tested it with
1. printet in PDF from website
2. exported in .jpg with "PDF-exchang viewer"
3. getting px coordinate on jpg with "photofiltre" and coordinates on map
4. use OruxMapDesktop to make the map for Oruxmap
Works well! I can make a tuto if needed but miss the tool to make the map for locus.

Would be nice to find a way to make it.

Someone can make a tool to use images and calibration files to make locus maps ?

I can make maps from TTQV to make tests. (.jpg and .cal).

Locus map is so great but I think "creating maps" is missing !!!

It seems your example works only with zoom 14 to 19 (in locus). Is that correct ?

Do you have more information about custom providers ?

I'm trying to create my own but it's not working yet.  :(

Thanks for the good job.

Locus pro 1.5.1