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Navigation & Guidance / Re: Automatic Display activation
« on: May 25, 2015, 23:11:46 »
Common users like me use Locus and don't know what is computed in the background and whats the relations between the modules.
If a user choose a track from track list with its properties (always set, i.e. line style, ...) he expect that this properties are displayed in all cases.
Quote from: menion
What you expect?
- keep original color...
Thats the one and only solution: original track style.
Apart from that: arrows, gradient, altitude in line style are absolutely great. Why not to use it in Guidance???
But you can give users the choice which style they want to use. Default: original line style ;)

I am looking for this too. My tracks are all set up to show alitude variance. As soon as I turn on guidance, the track is replaced by a 4px red line. I did not even set this in the default settings..I am able to change the Line width and color temporarily for guidance, but altitude variance does not work when I pick it from the menu.

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