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I am bumping this thread, because I have the same question.
Current maps are from 2018-01-04, so 2.5 months old. When is the next release coming?
Quote from: Saturo on March 16, 2018, 08:46:56
I donĀ“t like the Star Wars startscreen. Whats the link between Star Wars and Locus?
How can it be switched off?
I don't like the Star Wars start screen, I don't like Star Wars at all!
Hi Menion,

From "what's new" I learnt that there is Strava export. So I wanted to try it, but there is a problem.
When at the single track export page I select "export type" -> "strava" I am requested to log in to strava, but pressing the "LOGIN" button shows for a very short period (0.3s or so) a pop up saying "Working ..." and nothing else happens. I am not logged in.

I do have Strava installed if it matters.

And a separate question: is it possible to add Sports Tracker export?
gpsies: my login data is correct and locus verifies it is correct (so it is connecting to gpsies). The track is a long one 10h of cycling. I checked with a much smaller track and also no upload.

startup: I meant the time between launching locus and when the question about Locus directory appears. So it is before loading any data points.
Hi Menion. I have two things to mention;
1) I have one locus directory on internal "sd card" and one on external sd card. Locus used to start pretty quickly recently, after your fix and speedup of directory recognition :-) But now it is slow again.

2) Track export to Gpsies does not work: after I click "export" a progress window saying "working..." appears, disappears in 1-2s and there is no new track on gpsies website. Not sure if it is due to locus or gpsies update. But it used to work before.

I own a pro license which I use on my old device.
Now I have a new android device, but I registered it with a new google account. (and I want to keep it this way)

So I have the following questions:
1) can I use Locus pro on the new device at the same time?
2) if not, can I move the license to the new device only?
3) I have a Jolla Phone too, which is not android at all. There are no google services in particular. Locus runs on it pretty well. Is there a way to have a pro version for it?
Hi Menion,

Same problem as shushuk has (just the post above):
ver. 3.1.2: after the update "Please choose default Locus directory" shows an empty list.
At the ,,found changes in Locus directories" screen, right after ,,what's new" screen there should be a list of directories i.e. one on the internal storage and external sd card.
But after today's update there is no list. If I click confirm there I cannot continue.

Locus is unusable for me right now  :(
SailfisOS runs some really complex apps like Facebook easily, I guess it more depends on API version, usage of unofficial ,,tricks" etc.
Here, if I am not mistaken is a quick comment (in Finnish!) that Locus works perfectly:
I am considering buying a Jolla phone, which runs SailfishOS
For quick information: it is not an Android phone, but it runs its own "Dalvik Machine" implementation ( ) and is able to run most of the Android software. Sometimes with glitches, sometimes without, and sometimes not able to run at all.

I wonder if you, Menion, or anyone else tried to run Locus on Jolla phone. I must say running Locus is critical for my phone usage :D so any information would be highly appreciated.
[SOLVED, see the update below]

Hi Menion,
After the today's update my vector and raster maps stopped zooming properly. They render at the current zoom level, but zooming in and out does not cause to 'rerender' in the new zoom level, just rescales pixels.
Screens attached.

I can force to rerender if I switch back and forth raster-vector-raster or vice versa.
The previous update was fine (I was biking with locus all day long and using vector maps)

PS. I like the new cutting of the ends of the tracks!!

UPDATE: I quit Locus and started it again. Now zooming works fine. Maybe it was related to the welcome screen shown after the update?
From facebook
*** 2.0.2 ***
- fix: disabling of GPS when display is off;

So do I understand correctly that now if I quickly want to check where I am, I need wait for GPS fix each time after turning the screen on? IMHO not great.
You said about 1.15.1:
Quoteah, I almost forget. Thanks to big changes in map handling system, after install of new version, map reinitialization will process

I just want to make sure if this reinitialization won't cause the maps being unreadable/broken for the old version of locus (1.5.1), which I would have along with the 1.15.1.
BTW, 1.15.1 is not downloadable yet.
But that's what happened for me:
I first had my tablet without an external SD card, so the maps were obviously stored on the internal SD.
After some months I added a microSD card and never moved any files `by hand'. I bought the vector map add-on and it was downloading maps to the external SD card. I checked it, since I needed to add some larger vector maps manually downloaded from this forum and secondly they are still there.
So for me the only explanation is that the raster maps never left the internal SD, and the newly downloaded personal maps were going there too.
Maybe having two locus versions: old free installed before I had the external card and new pro installed afterwards is the reason?? But the maps downloaded by one version were seen by the other and vice versa.
Troubles & Questions / map download fails
October 30, 2011, 11:38:17
UPDATE: Please read first the update section below.
I have troubles downloading google, ovi, arcGIS and openstreetmap, but not map+ or UMP-pcPL.

Process unsuccessful
Problem with downloading tiles. Check internet connection and space on SDCard and try again!
I have the following versions: pro 1.13.6 and free 1.5.1 (the last one with map+).  It happens when using either of these versions. (apart from openstreetmap downloaded from Locus 1.13.6: then it says download blocked by map provider or sth like that).
Each time it happens after 1 tile was downloaded
The new sql DB files are created in my storage, and are very small. Of course I have internet connection and lots of space on external and internal cards.

On the other hand map+ (from 1.5.1) and OSM: UMP-pcPL (from 1.13.6) work well.

Is it because of downloads being blocked or something to do with my configuration?

Note: I have reflashed a custom ROM and restored Locus by Titanium Backup. I dont' want to reinstall it from market, because the new versions have limitations. Previously I had Locus dir on both cards: internal and external. Now only the external is left (BTW: all my tracks and personal maps are gone, because I didn't know there is yet another Locus directory on the internal card!). No other problems with Locus or any other program.

I have figured out what has probably happened: I was trying to download 2-3 top zoom levels for the whole world. And I possibly selected a small area outside of the map. If I don't do it then downloading works... Perhaps the error message should be less confusing and/or problem with the `earth boundaries' should be solved.
Implemented / Re: Storage location
October 30, 2011, 10:31:26