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Quote from: MrLure on August 08, 2022, 06:19:54Really nice feature. Is it possible to add that tiles grid also in Locus Map somehow?

Yes, but it's a bit unreliable and slows everything down terribly. Place this in mapsOnline/custom: and then use it as an overlay.

(Also worth mentioning that the StatsHunters browser extension supports since a while ago so I do most of my planning on my computer these days and rarely use this KML tool.)
Hi all,

I made a little tool that shows explorer tiles ( in Locus Map, which makes it easier to plan trips to unexplored tiles. It's here:

(red are all explored tiles, blue is the maximal explored square)

It helps me find new places to go, and it's a fun way to challenge friends. Posting here in case someone else finds that useful.
Andrew, I didn't abandon BRouter completely. It stays as my engine of choice for offline route planning, although I haven't experimented with customizing the profiles yet. Anyway it's fine for planning medium range sport rides which I can memorize. However, on longer rides in unknown territory I'd much prefer to have good spoken navigation instructions and that simply isn't possible with BRouter. I know it's quite a limitation that I need to plan these routes online on graphhopper website, but for my intended usecase (long rides from A to B) it's okay.

But yeah, a customizable profile and offline routing with GraphHopper would be better, and I believe we'll get there in a few months/years. I just wanted to hack something together to have more options. Also, to be honest, I feel that the customizable profile might be a bit overrated, especially in our area where many roads/tracks are just guesses from low-res orthophoto maps that are years old and were never updates or modified afterwards (*). It's nice to have perfect routing, but it's not that useful if it's in an imaginary world. :-)

(*) I'd like to fix that but I have yet to figure out a way to do so. When I plan a sport ride I certainly don't want to stop every 500 meters to compare a map with reality and take notes. Carrying a GoPro in timelapse mode, uploading to Mapillary and fixing the map afterwards seems like a solution, but I'll need to make a habit out of it: the few times I tried it added a lot of overhead as well so I usually leave it at home and enjoy the ride instead. And I may need to get a few additional batteries. :-)
Hello everyone,

as I was not very happy with the routes from MapQuest and YOURS and the other engines didn't have either instructions or a bicycle profile, I decided to give GraphHopper a try. Naturally I didn't want to use an old version of GraphHopper and OSM data, so I had to write a few lines of code myself. I ended up creating two things (in that order):

  • a command line converter from GraphHopper Directions API JSON written in Haskell (not very useful as you need to get those JSONs somewhere, e.g. using a Chrome dev console)
  • a JavaScript implementation of the same thing, usable as a bookmarklet (essentially a one click solution that turns a route planned on graphhopper website into a gpx importable into Locus)


If no gpx is downloaded, there should be an error in the developer console.

I'm sorry if things don't work or if the usage is strange. This is my first javascript since almost forever. Nevertheless I hope this may be useful for someone else as well. :-)
Cool, thanks. I wonder why Google can't find it. :-)
The link above no longer works. I've been able to find the file in someone else's github project, but it's quite strange it seems to be nowhere official. Where has it gone?
POI's / Re: [KML/netlink] Strava Segments
March 02, 2015, 21:59:03
Quote from: gynta on March 02, 2015, 21:55:39
...and what is a "Strava segment" ?

Well, you're not a Strava user, are you? :-)

Anyway. here's a description:

(I added a link to the original post as well)
POI's / [KML/netlink] Strava Segments
March 02, 2015, 21:01:39
Hi, inspired by the Panoramio KML I created a similar thing for Strava segments:

Hope it's useful for someone else as well :-)