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If you use an existing track within LoRouter then there is most likely track points very regularly & so making a route change will be very tedious as the points are effectively shaping points. It could be better to make a track visible then use LoRouter as a new route & just "trace" over the track, adding shaping or via points to keep the route identical to the track. BRouter web handles this situation far nicer.
Quote from: slarti76 on March 15, 2023, 10:20:28
Quote from: Andrew Heard on March 15, 2023, 04:27:49I'd like to see the phone accelerometer used for motion/ stopped detection.
Wasn't that tried, and it turned out it couldn't be done reliably due to Google?
@slarti76 - I think @Menion used an Android API to access motion status, but not specifically the accelerometer. I have 2 other apps - motion-based bike alarm, and ZTest sensors test which both work perfectly well for detecting when stopped.

main suggestion, idea from 4 years ago, 24 votes, menion last wrote 1.5 years ago about major sensor rewrite...
Asking us beta users for top suggestions is nice/ kind but I don't think we are representitive of the average LM user. I'd like to see the phone accelerometer used for motion/ stopped detection. There is a long standing help topic with lots of votes & @menion wrote it was being considered.
@menion nicely formatted advanced computed sync plan! thanks
Quote from: Tapio on March 09, 2023, 08:57:31Have you tried 3D apps for terrain on a smartphone already? I did, after all wasn't fun to use.
@tapio - thanks - no I haven't tried 3D apps but have planned & ridden bad routes (according to my riding partner) because I didn't avoid the steep hills. It is far more reliable with track slope coloring & hill shading than 6 years ago. Remember route planning can be done on a larger tablet or even virual PC screen... maybe ;-) Just from a promotional point of view LM5 needs more than just minor incremental changes & a point of difference to competitors.

@tapio reminds me... Here's another small idea: long tap any place on map to display own custom context menu: at present long tap may display address @ tap position, but all sorts of other actions would also be possible, and efficiently handled via users menu.
Quote from: baegas on March 09, 2023, 04:06:21I don't think a 3D map is absolutely necessary
@baegas - of course not, was just personal opinion

Like the successful Locus/ BRouter collaboration, LM could collaborate with similar 3D developer (mapbox?) instead of writing from scratch. But I have no idea. Thanks for the info.
Is some form simple of voting system for suggested areas worthwhile for deciding priorities? It's been used in the past. Take top 10 (say) most voted unstarted help topic suggestions as a starting point? Ask via Locus news that people can shape the next LM version 5. 15 minor releases sounds like nothing major has happened for too long. It's not my opinion but maybe a perception.

Personally, better point management (already underway) & dashboard with own buttons.

I know very unlikely but a 3D map view would be awesome;-)
Quote from: freischneider on March 07, 2023, 18:02:30Alternative would be the NoGo would bein a separate folder at points.
Then they would be automatically saved and you can manage them well.
#9 long tap Preset button: the 3 user presets displayed in the menu are a random set from the total collection. I suggest (up to) the 1st 3 from the list are displayed in the long tap menu, and in same order as those in the single tap list.
as I previously wrote...
Yes, of course, and the more I think about it, the more I'm sure there were many checkboxes to select what to restore. So this is a very important bug you've found.
@tapio are you really sure about Presets? I'm shocked too! How can you/ I check? Totally agree if that's true. I thought this was discussed & improved not long ago - recall @menion was copying RD5 files (or only in full backup?) & the ZIP was suddenly much larger. The backup screen could also have a question mark icon that when tapped sumarizes precisely what is & isn't backed up.

When I do a settings backup then restore, the screen has a single checkbox for "settings", which suggests it was intended for future expansion - didn't it used to have other checkboxes?
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could it be a Locus notification about GPS signal continually aquired & lost? I have all the sounds from LM disabled at present - see Settings GPS Notifications
as far as I know, only your current position is ever displayed, the history setting is totally ignored
ahh my confusion - discussion moved from original topic of Map Scale to Distance Rings.

although I used the term Hamburger Menu, it is a very english-centric slang term so not as useful in other languages; not sure of anything from an official Style Guide though? What does the Locus official doco refer to this button as?