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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.37.+ ( 18. 3. 2019 )
« on: April 22, 2019, 12:13:02 »
hmm firstly because in the search screen is in "Track around" visible "My location", it means you have GPS enabled, at least Locus thinks it. Otherwise "Map center" should be in this field.

In sort by nearest, the same system is used. So if GPS is enabled, the last known location is used, otherwise, map center is used.

To be true, I see no reason why it should give incorrect results, just check this GPS on/off state, thanks.
@menion - GPS was off. My 1st screen cap for "Track around" shows furthermost tracks sorted to top of list. But the distances are not even strictly descending.

The tracks sorted by Nearest show a weird distance in blue. All of the distances should be close to 0km because all the tracks originate at my house where the GPS position has been set. Locus, or my understanding, is not right.

I have noticed some inconsistencies of handling Live Tracking in Flight Mode. Why you ask does it make sense to have Live Tracking and Flight Mode?? I auto-start Live Tracking, but to save battery consumption I only briefly disable Flight Mode every 30 to 60 minutes to update my position. This nearly halves battery consumption from 4.5% to 2%/hour! Note this only works with the Live Tracking premium subscription.

1) I have added a top panel button for Live Tracking. But when my phone is in Flight mode, surely the Live Tracking button should not be green? I'd suggest it use the disabled or orange coloring like the Track Recording button in attached screen cap.

2) When I exit Locus and my phone is in Flight mode, does it make sense to display the "Live Tracking - Do You Really Want To Exit" nag screen?

3) If I have a positive feedback notification enabled for Live Tracking with short (10 seconds) frequency of updating, I often hear the positive notification 3 or 4 times in quick succession when I disable Flight Mode. Note the frequency of updating is set to a low value so that my position is updated immediately after disabling Flight Mode. I previously had this value set to the maximum 300 seconds, but then my position is only updated some random time between 0 and 300 seconds rather than immediately after disabling Flight Mode.

On the whole, this combination of Live Tracking premium subscription, flight mode optimization, positive notification and frequency of updating settings works exceptionally well to minimize battery consumption and mobile data while allowing friends to track my position with an acceptable level of accuracy.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.37.+ ( 18. 3. 2019 )
« on: April 21, 2019, 00:56:42 »
general sorting/ searching questions (3.37.2 Pro):
I don't know whether the previous posts regards search/ sort are related to my experience, but when I do a global Search in Tracks from the Track screen, with no entered fields, I get a list in some somewhat random order, but the longest tracks are displayed at the top of the list. How is this list sorted? In my test (attached) the tracks at the top of the list are 1000's km away. Note GPS disabled.

If I enter partial text in optional Search Title, the search order still doesn't make sense to me.

So when I sort tracks in a single track folder by Nearest, what is the blue "nearest" distance? If I turn off GPS and move the map center to a position that only passes through a single known recorded track (600km ride), it displays the distance as 64km away, although the order is correct, could the distance be to the start of the track instead of the current position? Sorting by all other means works perfect for me except Nearest.

If you select "sound disabled" then tap the Set button nothing happens - tap is ignored. Isn't this the same as disabling tracking negative feedback? Tested with Pro 3.37.2.

Discussion/New features / Re: Update of map core (2019)
« on: April 13, 2019, 02:53:01 » map shading fixed; truncation of LHS of theme settings fixed

It's a very specific set of actions required to demonstrate the bug
  • track recording
  • save
  • export (not sure if important)
  • hide
  • return to map
  • observe however that track isn't hidden until the map is dragged; not sure if length of track is significant; it always happens for this 100km ride
see video @

just some random comments...I paid $A10 for Locus Pro in late 2014, and very little for LoMaps ever since then. I give a little back with some testing but I've made some comments over the years that the Locus team deserve far more reward for their hard work. From discussion with another app developer it seems Google through their own pricing push developers towards subscription model rather than once-off up-front payment. A friend recently mentioned he uses free Maps.Me app - I note 50,000,000 users - why so popular? For me, far inferior to Locus, but clearly not for others. So in their model maybe the advertising pays for development. I don't see this working for Locus. Personally I prefer the one-off (larger) fee than subscription. EU3 x 12 per year sounds high to me. But remember before the Apple iPhone or decades ago, these equivalent programs running a PC would have cost $1000's! Just a ramble of thoughts sorry.

Discussion/New features / Re: Update of map core (2019)
« on: April 10, 2019, 02:47:13 »
thank for "double check". I'll have to play with it little bit, because for me it works correctly. Anyway one more user confirmed same issue, so there have to be something ...
@menion - happy to provide a log or further details if I can help you track it down; it's not possible to alter theme settings at present

Discussion/New features / Re: Update of map core (2019)
« on: April 08, 2019, 01:47:45 »
- shading is not working? Please, double check it's settings because I see no problem here.
@menion - double checked - see 2 maps - alpha & pro, both Hike & Bike theme, both same LoMap, both Hill Shading, scale as identical as I can make them. I note other subtle differences between the maps - is that to be expected? For example horizontal & vertical dashes green lines near "Wellington Park" only displayed with Pro.

- interesting with the side panel, I'll check it thanks
Of course this at present means I cannot change the theme checkboxes. I saw another "alpha" test user with truncated side panel too; can't remember his name.

Discussion/New features / Re: Update of map core (2019)
« on: April 06, 2019, 23:42:36 »
  • Switching between Tasmania LoMap & OpenAndoMap maps; once crashed but not since. Can't reproduce yet.
  • contours look good to me (in appropriate themes)
  • shading is not working at all
  • on tablet in portrait & landscape modes the left side theme panel/settings are not fully displayed - see attached - these screen caps are not truncated - this is what I see on the left side
  • I'm not a map power user, but otherwise looks good to me so far

Troubles & Questions / Re: Navigate a tracktrack disappears
« on: April 01, 2019, 00:55:47 »
ha ha - idea from 3 years ago

Live tracking / Re: web page
« on: March 29, 2019, 23:34:11 »
@lor74cas - I already have set the max 5 minute update. I have suggested/ questioned here & elsewhere why this limit is so low. For my described use-case I would prefer 1 hour update. Even with this 5 minute update as you can read from my previous posts, Locus is exchanging LT mobile data every minute. BTW there is a bug - if you set more than 5 minutes, then tap Back, the setting is not saved and there is no warning/ error.

Live tracking / Re: web page
« on: March 29, 2019, 12:19:30 »

maybe all features for premium LT so these hard working Locus guys can make a few $'s; delicate balance ;)

Live tracking / Re: web page
« on: March 29, 2019, 10:47:43 »
For LT 4g 3g 2g doesn't matter, it works because uses just few byte at every update.
@lor74cas - how do you know it is just few bytes at every update? I have monitored the data using the excellent app GlassWire and it showed consistently over many hours ~294KB download/ 86KB upload per hour. This was LT data going up/ down each minute. For me (294+86)/60 = 6KB/minute. Yes, not a lot of data per minute but it appears to keep the phone working far more than simple offline track recording, and my experience is double the battery consumption which on multi day rides I cannot really afford.

Live tracking / Re: web page
« on: March 29, 2019, 10:41:03 »
To minimize battery consumption I intend to block LT most of time; just enable each 30 minutes say. [...] or otherwise I need to incur a large battery hit.
So now your experience is this bad?
@tapio - it's not a bad experience; it's impressive functionality; I'm just reporting my battery consumption. I've been using the app "No Root Firewall" and the mobile data traffic is surprisingly high with Locus sending my LT data & Google responding with other LT users each minute even though the update setting is 5 minutes. Yesterday over 5 hours I just disabled flight mode each hour for ~3 minutes, and the battery consumption returned to ~2%/hour. I did find the LT lost/ LT found notifications didn't work reliably. I'll report more later...

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