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Implemented / Re: Load other Map
June 03, 2011, 07:58:50
Yes, perfect. Thanks!
Implemented / Re: Load other Map
June 03, 2011, 06:37:08
The new map switching button is very nice! Can it be made to appear with a double tap? Sometimes I need to swap between two different maps of the same area...
Declined / Re: Some off-road wishes
April 22, 2011, 20:46:29
+1 for map switching.

Two wishes:
(1) When I switch from one offline map (say, at zoom level x) to another map, can the second map be initialized to the zoom level closest to x? Currently, it is initialized to x if it exists, else it is min-zoom. If x > max-zoom for the second map, can we initialize it to max-zoom instead?
(2) If I open the "user-maps" tab when viewing an offline map, can you automatically scroll the list of available maps to center on the currently open map? I name my maps so that all maps for the same area are listed together, so map switching becomes easy (2 clicks only).
Consider the following use case. I downloaded tracks for many hikes I want to do, but they are in different national parks (each with its own map). When I go to any one park, I would like to see only the hikes for that park. I can "select all tracks" and then go to the park map: this will show all hikes on that map, but it seems to slow down Locus a lot. I can attach the park name to the beginning of each track's name so that they all are listed together in the track list, but the track names tend to get clipped. If I could add my own track types, I could have one type/category for each park, and filter by this.

At present, I have just mentally assigned existing track-type names to certain parks ("Exported" is "Yosemite", and so on). It works, but it could be nicer.
Troubles & Questions / Distance along a track
April 03, 2011, 19:41:38

  Is it possible to get the distance of a point on a track (say, selected using the center cross) from the start of the track? I want the distance _along_ the track, not the straight-line distance (which is what the guide-line seems to give me).

  I can approximate it by manually drawing a new track on top of the original track, ending the new track at the desired point, and then looking at track information (which gives me the total length of the track). However, this is very slow and unreliable...
I used it to convert a Tiff with associated tfw worldfile, and a PNG with pgw worldfile, to TrekBuddy tar format. Locus was able to render it, but (a) the free version of mapc2mapc adds many cross-marks randomly, (b) I didn't see any way to export directly to SQLite, and (c) I could only get a map for one zoom level. However, I haven't spent much time with it, so there might be options I am unaware of.