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Maybe ;). Just changed the dpi to its original value and all is good again :D.
Just changed the dpi density of my device. (can be temporary be done with LCDDensity). But now the right sidebar is missing in Locus :cry: .
Implemented / Re: Upload Tracks to Sharing Site
March 18, 2011, 11:32:08

I don't like such public services. But there is a very good site with a admin open for anything. And there is also an api for trackupload:

Regards, Jo
Under review / Re: Online Tracking
March 18, 2011, 11:26:22
Hi, Great  :)

I think if you want to implement it for crossingways .com you must contact them. I am coming from windows mobile. And there, for example, GPS Cycle Computer ( (Open Source, i loved it) or Run.GPS are using this service. The latter also supports user defined posting like i mentioned it before.

(Personally i wouldn't use this services, just like to use my own secure and private equipment. Further because it is very easy to implement such a tracking site :) )
Under review / Online Tracking
March 18, 2011, 09:42:47
First of all: Great app :mrgreen: !

It would be great to have online tracking. There could be an option to set the interval and an option to set the connection string. Just a userdefined url-string  that will be sent. for example ...
The entrys between the symbols % would be the fields to update. The fields %username% and %password% aren't necessary but could be very useful if you plan to add support for tracking sites. Usually they use such simple connection strings (for example crossingways .com).

What are you thinking about it? Is it possible to see it in the near future :D ?

Greetings, Jo