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If you're interested, here's the MBT I overlaid on top of the MBT linked above.  When you zoom in/out, the overlay seems to run through several opacity variations before coming into full view.  Perhaps this is expected behavior?

Holiday weekend, so didn't get to the beta version. 3.38.2 came tonight through normal upgrade process. Performance back to its normal feel when moving around with MBT overlay on and off. MBT previously linked loads up just fine, as do others I had issues with.

Only comment left would be that the MBT overlay still comes into view after moving in delayed, stepped opacities. Maybe that's expected though? Personal opinion, I preferred it the old way.

Thanks so much for the fixes!!

Thanks again menion!  I can try the special version.  PM me the link?

I think if I shutdown/close LM with the overlayed MBT off, viewing only the underlying MBT imagery, then start the app back up performance seems normal.  As soon as I turn on overlayed MBT, performance is terrible.  Then turn it back off, performance is still hindered although not as bad as with overlay off but definitely worse than normal, until I restart the app.  Once app is restarted (w. overlay off), performance seems normal again.  This behavior is independent of which MBT file I utilize.

This is the MBTILE file that is not displaying correctly, southern half does not appear when zoomed in.  It loads fine in QGIS 3, and previously in LM.  (~13MB)

350.000 lines of code
Amazing work menion!  Thanks for all your efforts, it really shows.  Best money I've ever spent on an app.

Thank you for the recognition of the zoom level opacity issue, and upcoming fix.

Speed issues are independent of "automatic map loading" setting, tried all three options with no effect.

Disabling overlay layer definitely sped things up, but overall things are slower in either mode.  I have used this option a lot in the past and was used to (and understood) the speed diffs with it on/off.

MBT with either JPG or PNG underlying imagery is affected.

Also now getting errors with no imagery shown where I know there is some in the MBT, and the message "Map of this area is not available".  This is happening with several MBT files.

Speed issue is recognizable across multiple devices.

Troubles & Questions / Recent change in map visualization code?
« on: May 23, 2019, 15:26:15 »
It seems like a recent update has made loading offline mbtile maps very clunky.  The whole feel of the app is different.  Maps fade in to view slowly, zooms in/out are very slow.  When I have one mbtile at 50% opacity, overlayed on another mbtile, zooming in/out makes the overlay temporarily 100% opacity, then it fades back to its opacity setting.

Everything mentioned above used to be buttery smooth, now its borderline unusable.  What has changed?

Troubles & Questions / VK-172 USB Receiver
« on: May 21, 2019, 21:38:11 »
Curious if anyone had attempted to utilize the VK-172 USB GNSS receiver yet?  It uses the Ublox7 chipset, and is pretty cheap.  Found it under several random (Chinese?) brands on Amazon (Wingoneer, HiLetGo, DIYMall, etc).  I would assume this would work like any other external receiver that shows up as a COM port (typically using bluetooth as opposed to USB) and sends NMEA messages.  Guess you would need an OTG cable to utilize the receiver while also powering your device.

Also curious if this receiver also gives you Galileo tracking?  Doesn't seem obvious in any of the reviews.

I think it would be great if Locus supported extruded polygons (3D) in KML overlays, and along with that, support bird's eye navigation on a user configurable angle and distance from current location.  It would be similar to Garmin's 3D buildings in cities.  Maybe make the view angle select-able in 5, 10, or 15 degree increments, and the zoom level would be your distance.  This would be a killer feature in my opinion.

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