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Quote from: "GOF007"To make an multiple areas offline map:
1. You create a map with "Seperate map".
2. When you want to add another areas, select "External map" to download and select the first map files as target. Locus will download new areas into that file.

Dont forget that those maps must from the same map source (online map) such as Google classis, you cannot mix many map sources such as Google Classic and Google Hybrid into one file.
Another simple method is simply use "Online Shared Map", so you can store many areas in one file and if you happen to download a map that contain the existing area, Locus will just go through it quickly without downloading existing ones.

I can't find any of these options - "external map", "separate map", or "online shared map". I would really love to know how to combine multiple maps I've already downloaded (eg. 2 different zoom levels of Google satellite view).

Appreciate the help!
Really neneezatech? I tried changing that setting before but it didn't work for me because GPS still turned off whenever I turned the screen off, so I've been using the workaround that berkley kindly suggested for me. Maybe a newer version of Locus has fixed the problem. I'll try it again and see how it works.
Ok, thanks for the tip and the help! I'll use the workaround with MyTracks until Locus supports our HD2's as well!
Hey berkley,

Thanks for the quick response! I ran the two tests with the following results:

Test 1 - I got a GPS fix in Locus, started recording, then turned off the screen. When I turned the screen on again, the GPS wasn't even turned on at first (no icon in the taskbar), then it turns on again after about 1 second, but doesn't get a fix at all unless I turn the GPS off in Locus, then turn it back on again.

Test 2 - I got a GPS fix in MyTracks, started recording, then went into Locus, got a GPS fix in there and turned off the screen. Suprisingly, the GPS still had a fix and was turned on when I turned the screen on again!

Does this give you any indication of how to fix it? Sure hope it does!

Hello, I love your app - it is absolutely the most awesome mapping app out there except for one problem with HTC HD2 phones using Android:
When my screen turns off, the GPS turns off too, so I can't use it for recording at all. When I turn on the screen again the GPS turns back on but the GPS does not lock and I need to go into the GPS screen of Locus, turn GPS off, then turn it on again to get another lock.

I have tested the app Cardio Trainer on the same phone (HTC HD2 - Hyperdroid GBX v8 ) and the Cardio Trainer app does not have the same problem - ie. the GPS stays on, locked and recording all the time when the screen is off, so I know for sure that it is a software problem and not a problem with the phone or ROM. Other HD2 users, with other mods of Android have reported the same problem with Locus but no problem with other apps like Cardio Trainer and Radardroid.

Please fix it so we can all enjoy using your great app too!