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No idea why for some reason I just coul add the maps normally without having changed anything. Same as with the first problem where he didn't even show the files at all. Just disappeared for no reason.

Anyhow. Works for me now but something is not quite right here....

Ok, that might be a workable idea, thanks!

You are funny!
No I won't reset my hundreds of settings!

If this is a bug it has to be fixed insted me resetting my prefs and needing forever to set up all again, possibly missing half of my settings!

Thanks I already read this before but it doesn't help me.

I'm pretty sure that's a bug importing old settings to a new version ir with the default folder.

Initially I could not even remove the old maps!

I also wonder why I the day before did not see any maps on my SD when klicking +
And today suddenly I see them but can't add them?!

I did check online and supposedly this message appears if you try to add a folder which is INSIDE your already in the settings defined default maps folder.

But it's not in my case.

My default maps folder is in the internal storage (default position, did reset it) and my map I try to add is in a subfolder on my SD card.

Might this be a bug since I had this folder defined as maps folder previously (before I did reset the path)?


Correct, the new Android (S9 versus ancient S4 version) now uses the SD card ID as part of the path.
All old map references in Locus are invalid. Take them out.
Then start all over again by traversing from the top folder (above internal/external, should be like /storage), so you will have the right path name for Locus included.

Ok, for example r some reason I now could remove them.

But if I click on the + to add the maps back I get "This path is not allowed"

I had the idea as well but I couldn't find where to remove the maps folder setting.

It automatically shows maps in my old folder but I can't change the folder.

What exactly do I need to do?

I upgraded from an older Locus version on my old Galaxy S4 to my new S9 installing the latest version here.

I completely set up my SD card from scratch and copied my external maps folder to the new SD card exactly as they were before (Folder structure).

Then I did import my last complete backup from the old phone to the new phone.

All seemed to work fine until I tried to add my external maps again.

My problems :

If I try to add external maps with the + button I see my maps folders shown empty "number of files 0" but in fact there are maps, subfolders and other files in them (I double checked).

Also behind the folder is something like "wrong value" shown (in German "falscher Wert").

I can't even select any maps folder or path there he just shows my former maps folders as on my old phone.

So I can't add maps this way.

Then I tried to set the default maps folders.

Setting the Vector maps folder worked fine.
But ther is no "Offline Maps" folder so I assumed the "Maps" Folder is the correct one.

But then he gave me a warning since the folder is not writeable ther might problems occur.

Therefore it doesn't seem to be correct this way.

But now he at least shows my maps for the time being.

But there's another strange phenomenon here:
Some maps are shown separately even if they are in one folder, other folders group them.
Normally it should be either/or all of them the same right?

So how do I get that seemingly empty folder and "wrong value" issue fixed?

I'm pretty sure this must be because the path to the SD Card has changed since the new one has another name or such.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Share Track on Facebook Question
« on: October 27, 2016, 15:34:09 »
Oh that's bad. Maybe you can get in touch with Google and add it lateron. Thanks for your effort!

Troubles & Questions / Re: Share Track on Facebook Question
« on: October 13, 2016, 10:33:45 »
Or maybe with

But that service is also new to me, just discovered it.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Share Track on Facebook Question
« on: October 13, 2016, 10:29:32 »
As far as I know it could be done with Google My Maps.

You can upload content and create own maps. So it should be possible also to have the App login with the Info of the user and upload that.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Share Track on Facebook Question
« on: October 11, 2016, 12:22:19 »
You don't need a server since anyone can use Google Maps for saving their tracks and waypoints.

So if it's not possible (I don't know) to save it on Google without any login you would just need to ask the user to login and then it can be shared on Google Maps.

Troubles & Questions / Share Track on Facebook Question
« on: October 10, 2016, 17:00:37 »
Hello, for the first time I  tried to share a track on Facebook.

But to my amazement when the track is clicked you don't get to for example Google Maps where the track is shown but instead to a Locus pafe where Locus is advertised.

This pretty much sucks!

I don't have the latest version. Has this been changed by now? If not it should urgently, else that function is unusable an one would need to switch to another app. But since I like Locus I wouldn't like to.

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