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Wishlist / Map legend shortcut vor vector maps
January 11, 2014, 01:00:24

Sometime I should be good do have the possibility to get a map legend, like on our good old paper maps.

I know it is difficult to do thos with image maps, but for vector maps, themes should be an exploitable data source.
(Like in this link :

Is it possible then to create a new type of shortcut for displaying this?


The "Guiding" and "Navigation" features are both translated to "Navigation" which is lexically correct but pretty confusing for a new (french) user (in the settings main menu, the two sections have exactly the same name!").

The following french texts should be changed :
* In settings main menu, "Guiding" shoud be translated to "Guidage".
* When selecting actions for a POI, "(Des)Activate Guiding" should be translated to "(Des)Activer le guidage"

Thanks a lot.

The location is now working for me.
In fact the problem is when you want to get directions, and when the starting point is set to "GPS":
The route is not computed until a valid GPS signal is received.

I think the "starting from GPS position" option should be replaced with a more generic option "my actual location" who takes in consideration the GSM / WiFi positioning (eventually with something like a warning dialog if GPS switch is Off).

If I am right, it could be a good enhancement proposal.
Hello, and thank you for your replies.

In fact I am switching "on demand" my gps from the global android (top) menu to save battery. (I can't rely on Locus GPS "auto off" feature because other background application are potentially using GPS signal). The "Activate GPS on startup" option is set to "always on" on locus, so no problem at this side.

An example : For my work I am traveling all over my region. At the end of my workday, I am using gps, to go home. When I am arrived at home, the location is OK on Locus, and I switch off my GPS.

The next day I have to go to my office. Of course for this I don't have to use my GPS. (I don't enable it at android level). Then from my office I make a new address search on locus, just to look how far my destination is. But when I hit the bottom left corner of Locus, I am still located at my home (the last known position given by my GPS the day before). So I have to enter manually the starting point.

Despite this, if I take a look on google maps, or my meteo widget, my location is set up correctly at my work (thanks to GPS and WiFi positionning). This means that Locus is not updating it's position when GPS is system off, unlike any other application.

Maybe I am missing something. (Again, gps is always "enabled" on Locus) Have you an Idea?

I am finding your app great and my plans are to replace google maps by yours.
But the main drawback for Locus is that by default it don't uses positioning services other than the GPS. (gsm, wifi...) like other apps do with a pretty acceptable accuracy.

For example : I want to make me an idea of how long I will have to travel from where I am (my office) to my final destination. As the default starting point is GPS and I don't have GPS enabled, I have to enter manually the address each time I make the search.

I am missing a setting our should it be a feature proposal?