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Yes, your point (2) solved it.
I activated the "check for duplicities" in the settings, and the points got properly refreshed.
Really an interesting side effect - keep up your good work and thanks for your effords.
Yes, you have understood correctly.
Your description is right, except that I do NOT get any question, and so no overwrite option.
The import just adds the updated points to the list, and afterwards every of the updated geocaches appears twice in the list (with same name, etc.).
When I select multiple geocaches in the waypoint list,
and call refresh,
I will end having those waypoints listed twice (old and new version...) in the waypoint list.

Note: Refreshing a geocache from its details view works fine. But this way it doesn't bring up the import screen. Refreshing from the waypoint list, I get the import screen, and it doesn't seem to replace the waypoints that are to be updated.
1000 thanks for your quick response and your workaround, which solved it. As I will need Locus tomorrow, your support was very appreciated!
I have a .zip pocket query in my dropbox, containing two gpx files.
So far, I opened that file in dropbox, which calls Locus and imports it in a Locus-database of my choice.

Currently I fail:
After I choose a database to import in Locus and click <import>,
I get the fatal error message "Erstelle bitte mind. eine Kategorie" (somthing like "create at least one category"). But there are MANY categories!!

Nothing happens, and I cant import my data.
I have reinstalled Locus, fully cleaned the sd-card directory, etc. Nothing helped.

This error only happens on my Samsung Galaxy S Plus, not on my Motoroly Defy (both having installed their own Locus Pro 2.7.1 version)
Thanks all for your contributions, and for creating the getsatisfaction topic.
I agree to druki's suggestions and vote yes :)
Well, my further tests make me still believe that it is NOT possible to batch upload all offline stored logs as real logs to gc .com (not as fieldnotes!)

You wrote:
>to submit them all at once to web, you may upload manually gcFieldNotes.txt file from root Locus directory or use menu > functions > Geocaching Live feature where is possibility to upload them directly

In my test, this results in a list of fieldnotes on, they are not turned into real logs (whatever I  configure).
Right? Any chance to provide a batch upload for logs?
Thank your for your fast response.

I think I miss something in the final step, when uploading the taken locus-fieldnotes:

If I upload the locus-fieldnotes (in either way), I still need to visit with a browser, call "fieldnotes", and manually submit them one by one.

My wish is to NOT have to visit the web-site at all.
Means: I like to upload my taken locus-fieldnotes as instantly effective logs on and not as "fieldnotes" that expect further handling on

But, maybe I missed any option to do so?
in the holidays, I'd like to use Locus as my only geocaching frontend.

When I find a geocache, I simply want to write a quick found note into Locus, offline.
Then, in the evening, I like to review and edit my daily notes, and finally submit them to

If I had a computer in the evening, writing and submitting fieldnotes would be quite that thing.
However, I do not want to seek a computer to edit my field notes; I rather want to submit logs directly from Locus.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much for the wonderful software, that I enjoy for years already :)
Declined / Re: link to
August 24, 2011, 15:20:39
I don't think you can directly link via wap.

To support logging, I would suggest a direct link to the logging page of a particular cache:

This works quite well and provides all options including dropping of tb.

After doing so, it would be very helpful if Locus would also display those found caches as a found-smiley, etc. :)
Troubles & Questions / Re: POI Alarm
July 01, 2011, 09:33:21
Currently I can't reproduce the error myself... Sorry for the confusion. Maybe it was a 1-time trouble...
Troubles & Questions / Re: POI Alarm
June 28, 2011, 16:08:38
Well, I noticed this the first time, now.
How do you propose "POI alert service from menu with cancel button": If I pulled down the list from top of the display, I didn't have a cancel button for the poi alert.
Further, also after killing locus with a task killer the icon remained...
Well, I try further, I have to wait to get that alert again, whenever it comes...
Troubles & Questions / POI Alarm
June 28, 2011, 14:26:22
The latest version creates poi alarms that remain in the android-title-bar and I cannot clear them (=cannot make them disappear) without rebooting my phone :shock:
Also, at least some kind of beep is still active, even though I tried to disable all kind of beeps :evil:
Sent you an email with the logfile.
Ok: I installed //
 Is this the right one?
I am not clear whether I should have taken this or that //

Anyway, with this file installed, unfortunatelly, the situation remains the same, no selection of pois after starting the app, and after killing with a task manager, and after closing.

2 more note:
1) With every test, it seems to take longer to activate a category (of about 600 pois). After the about 10th attempt it took about 30s until the program returned for interaction, while it happend instantly during the 1st attempt.
2) after start, there is the wrong map-type displayed in the title-bar, but after a while of a few seconds it automatically changes to display my correct map (Offline(19) ...OSM). Maybe just a delay.