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I love dragging and it works fine and fast most of the times

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@menion Now I understand what's the difference between the two.

If you need two of them or not, if you need to export as gpx as @Andrew suggested or  not, I don't know. We will probably discuss for months and therefore it's a choice you should made. IMO if you have two different object is better to have them really different (as it is) then more or less same (as unnamed via points).

I did a test with the available beta and a fresh track and seems the shaping points are not recovered in the track when you edit with route planner.

New track. on the right you see a via point in blue e several shaping points here and there.

If you save and edit the route has been recomputed and  only the via point has been used.

If you transform the via point in shaping point you have this after editing again:

From you words I understand this is not the intended behaviour.

If I have two put my two cents is that the track is not recomputed when you edit it with route planner

It should behave as it does the moment before saving, I think is the more natural behaviour.

If you want a recalculation, make a fake move on a shaping point or ask to compute it all with a proper menu entry.

(BTW great thing that if you exit without saving you can restart where you left )

As always thousands thumbs up   for your work!

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Quote from: menion on September 24, 2017, 22:06:02

4. it was still not fixed, what happen to you is just unwanted problem. Anyway consider this as solved for now ( next version ). @matmas complained on this before ( and maybe someone else ) and I was still not sure what is a problem and fortunately it happen to me as well, so finally fixed in next version.

I wasn't able to understand the difference between the via point and the shaping point.

After some tests it seems that when you use route planner on an existing track it remembers via points and forgets shaping points.

So if you shape a "U" track with only shaping points and you edit again with planner it straightens the track . If you use via point this does not happen.

Imagine  you have the red route:
- if it was made with shaping points only when edited it is recalculated to the blue
- if it was made with  via points (i.e.
the blue arrow on the top) the recalculation get same result as before only if the routing profile hasn't been changed. I mean  that the original track is never kept unchanged, sometimes it is recalculated with the same output as before.

Here you see the green one with only a portion that is as before because the first part (on the right) was drawn with shaping points.

I think this is quite confusing. Why do we need shaping point and via point with a different behaviour  ?

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Quote from: menion on September 22, 2017, 14:32:33
*** BETA ***
- except many bugs you reported over last 14 days, there is also little bit polished Route planner of course.

Summary of situation:
Route planner
- really wants to publish it in next bigger version ( +- 2/3 weeks )
- NOGO areas won't be yet published
the bug I found was resolved
new route planner in 2/3 weeks
no go areas not yet published: I tried few minutes with the new version and they  are a kind of magic working flawlessy but I understand if you want test then more

- "recompute whole route" suggested by Andrew will be considered as easy alternative how to compute whole route at once with single defined parameter

I'm asking really to reconsider this because  I tried to edit with route planner several tracks and all of them have been fully recalculated .  On long route this could be a mess. I often use two or more profiles during the same route.

I think recalculation  should be procided as an option and generally speaking the recalculation should happen "between two green dots" when you move a green or red dot in between   

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Hello guys

I liked a lot the new route planner. Amazing the info bar with graph at the bottom of the screen.

I found a bug and I have a suggestion.

Sometimes when you click on a track (even before using route planner) on the caption appears a + sign and the app crashes.

Normally you have a >

The suggestion is not have the track recalculated when you use route planner on an existing one, or at least ask. You may even not notice the recalculation on longer tracks and you may loose good portion while attempting to correct the bad ones. This may happen frequently   when you use more the one engine for routing and you unlikely remember what was used in that specific track.

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Other features / Re: Offline POI database
November 10, 2014, 22:11:24
Quote from: gynta on September 07, 2014, 15:50:03
At your own risk..
Try to load this backup (only setting)
Be careful and backup your Locus first

Che sboro.....

Your trick worked perfectly

Sorry for the enthusiasm I showed in my last post but I didn't know such a cool feature was almost completely developed.
Nice work!
These offline POIs are a great feature
I'm interested trying your app!
Let me know if you finalized it or not. I'll not blame you even if my battery goes dead in five minutes :-D
Quote from: gynta on November 08, 2014, 23:26:53
Quote from: matmas on November 08, 2014, 23:21:06
I have srtm data because the height of the point is displayed, but other two numbers are zeros.
Hi matmas
read above:
Quote from: Christian on November 07, 2014, 23:18:00
The height meters to go / went displayed in popup always shows 0m :(
Quote from: menion on November 08, 2014, 13:43:36...issue - ah, you're correct. Fixed, thanks
means: waiting for next version...
Thank you.
I read but I misunderstood the meaning of "fixed".
Waiting for the next release
Thanks again Menion for the new version.
I still don't understand how to get  different from zero the figures of downhill and uphill in the new popups.
I have srtm data because the height of the point is displayed, but other two numbers are zeros.
oh no!!!
you are right
I had only to dismiss the sort of dialog box

Thank you for your help
Hi all.
I'm asking this because I set up multiple tracks before my ride and I follow them with the navigation, choosing between them depending on the time, the weather, the kids crying at home ..  ;)

Now I have to cancel navigation, stop recording, save,  type the name, choose the new route, start navigation, start recording again.

It's not the biggest pain in the world, but I think it would be simpler just cancel navigation, choose new route, start navigation. Four step less ! 8)

Is there a technical reason for the actual behaviour? I don't see any problem in letting the user change navigation while recording, since you can already navigate to a waypoint while recording.

thank you
Quote from: gynta on October 31, 2013, 21:33:15
Quote from: matmasHow I can help more? I saw that catlog does not work any more with my non rooted device

Hello matmas
read also:


Ok I've sent an email to support with logs.

on the 2.17.1 I have an error message instead of a crash!

Hi All

I'm using Locus for a couple of month since now and I'm very happy with it.
I like a lot the navigation feature because I can plan my bike rides around my town very carefully and the follow them just pumping on pedals!

I noticed a problem wit the last versions of locus (both pro and free). I cannot save tracks with navigation instructions attached if longer than few kilometres: the app crash without saving. I could plan 100+ km tracks until the end of September so I think until version 2.14. I'm using a GS2 with android 4.1.2. and tha crash happens with Mapquest source of navigation. How I can help more? I saw that catlog does not work any more with my non rooted device.

thank you for your work!