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I find the problem.
I can't load the big file.
The file with problem is about 700MB.
I just make a test file of 6MB, and it works.

It is the test map

I create the map on mobca(mobile atlas creator)
Use the sqlitedb format.
I chage the file name to monaca
How can I do to load the big file into locus?
(I am trying to upload it. However, it needs time.)
I have met problem for loading the downloaded map on PC.

When I put the file in the directory "LOCUSmaps" and loading the map after open locus, the map I put in will not show on list. Since it is on the list , I can't choose it.

When I try loading it once again, the dialog " the map is already loaded" showed. However, the option still doesn't show on the list....

I wonder what the problem is.