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Thanks for your feedback.

It's strange, the addon was always maintained regularly....
Is there any news about an update of Geocaching4Locus? The 1st of May has already come...
In the current version crashes locus when creating a geocache waypoint.  :(
Thanks for the new version.

BUG geocache waypoint:
New geocache waypoints can now be created and are immediately displayed.

But if I change for example the coordinates I first have to close the cache and call it again to see the changes....
BUG geocache waypoint:

New geocache waypoints can now be created. However, the changes (such as name or icon) are not immediately displayed. You you have to close the cache first and then call it again.
A new BUG:

Can't create geocache waypoint.
Locus Map Pro crashes when uploading filednotes.
Hello Menion,

THANKS for the new bugfix-version. Fieldnotes are working again.
New bug: Fieldnotes do not work. Locus Maps crashes.
Hello menion,

it would be great if you could add the GCNotes from GSAK to the import so that they appear under notes. Do you think this is possible?

<gsak:GcNote>Hint: Hinter einer Wurzel an einem umgest├╝rzten Baum</gsak:GcNote>


KaHeMu posted the same problem on a device with 4.5 inch (reply #69):

Perhaps this helps.
The same filter bug as in the previous version:
That would be nice. Thank you.

BTW: The same problem occurs on a second device
Yes, original 4.1.2.

Am I the last one using it?
Filter in Locus Pro with Android 4.1.2: