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Congratulations on the release

It's a magnificent redesign, fresh and enjoyable to use. And I particularly like the theme of the LoMaps both offline as online. It's beautiful and fresh. Thank you for the hard work these past months!

Quote from: Menion on March 29, 2021, 08:23:13
1. different coordinates? Why? Hmm, then it of course can't work.

They're placed on slightly different spots, but the displayed coordinates when you tap on a point are the same. Maybe a rounding error?

Quote from: balloni55 on March 28, 2021, 20:43:09
for your info, this afternoon GS page was down ~2 hours
Ahh yes, I experienced the same issue. I found that Locus became unresponsive after trying to load a cache (which failed). But after several seconds, the app unfroze and I could work with it normally

Quote from: tapio on March 28, 2021, 11:05:24
"Track rec visibility - auto hide"
Set via presets. Rec. button does not hide, at least while recording.

Isn't that exactly what you want? Optionally hide it when it's not recording, but when it is, keep it in view?
Quote from: Menion on March 27, 2021, 11:51:38
1.  I've just at least added a check on duplicities based on the name and coordinates. Let me know if this helped.

I don't know whether the fix is already live, but I don't see any difference yet. Maybe because for some reason, the points don't seem to have the exact same coordinates (very small variation)

Quote from: Menion on March 27, 2021, 11:51:38
2. Hmm this settings most probably no longer works in Locus Map 4. Please open the left "Map content" panel and here is an option for LoPoins online and also separate for LoPoints offline.

Enable/disable from the sidebar works indeed

Quote from: Menion on March 27, 2021, 11:51:38
Automatic night mode: you mean coloring of the map, right? It does not use any system settings. It is based on the compute of sunrise/sunset by the app itself.
That's indeed what I mean. It might be a good idea for an improvement to make it configurable: "follow daylight" or "use system settings"  ;)
I have automatic night mode enabled. However, it doesn't follow the system settings. When dark mode is enabled system wide, the Locus Map 4 interface turns dark, but the map itself doesn't...

I probably noticed today because the sun rises earlier and I stayed in bed longer (weekend, you know )
Sorry to bring this up this late, but I noticed some problems with offline LoPoints. It's only today that I found out. I want to report these problems:

  • I noticed that the same point was displayed on the map 3 times. That is because my area is covered by three maps: Two OAM maps downloaded from openandromaps and one LoMap downloaded from Locus Store. All the LoPoints in the overlapping area are displayed, hence the same point is displayed three times. Locus doesn't seem to take only the active map into account while displaying the LoPoints. All the available LoPoints are shown, always

  • I tried to disable these points, only to find out that they were already disabled using the three dots in the right upper corner of the LoPoints (offline) screen, then disable "Show on map". That is correct, I've hidden them in the past. Nevertheless, all the points are still displayed. I opened up Locus Map Pro and noticed that it behaves as expected: deselect "Show on map" to hide the LoPoints, select "Show on map" to display them. In Locus 4, it doesn't matter which option you select, the LoPoints are always shown.edit: I removed all maps, then all remaining vector maps data on the filesystem manually. Now I can't enable those points anymore Workaround is to open Locus Map Pro, enable them, then open Locus Map 4 and the points are visible again

  • When I show/hide eparate points manually using the folders underneath, these points are displayed correctly. But why is the style different from the points that you enable/disable with "Show on map"? It confuses me  ;D
PS: No problems during the activation of my Gold subscription ;-)

edit changed my description about manually enabled LoPoint: they're not a separate database. Added question about the style of LoPoints
Quote from: JackRussel on March 24, 2021, 08:15:47
I don`t see LM4. There are Locus Map free and Locus Map Pro. And Locus Map free is 3.50.1

At least here in Playstore

This is about the public beta, so you have to become a beta-tester. Or wait a few days until LM4 is released officially :-)

If you want to try the beta, please open the app in the Play store and scroll down. You should have an option "become a beta tester"
If not, you can go directly to the invitation link
I'm a long time user of Locus, I can say that I was there at very first beginning since locus was still a 0.x version. I did a one-time purchase years ago when Locus Pro came out. I'm a developer myself and I understand the effort that it has been taking to create this version and all the new stuff.
Since I'm using Locus on a daily basis, I'm going to switch over to v4 from day one. And I hope I can support you enough to keep Locus going for many more years to come. Keep up the good work and thank you for this nice app
I am trying sync in combination with WebUi and it appears to me that Locus crashes a lot more. I don't know whether there are logs available. If so, please direct me to the correct location so that I can show you some stacktraces  :)

Specifically, these are the problems I notice:

  • Autosync doesn't always work. When I create/edit a track on both WebUI or Locus Maps, it doesn't always sync  to the other side (I'm using only one device with Locus Map). I do have the latest beta installed. Most of the time it doesn't sync automatically.
  • Currently, I can consistently make Locus crash. I recorded an activity. I used an external GPS receiver if that matters. The track doesn't appear in WebUI. When I tap the sync button at the top of the Data - Tracks page, Locus crashes and restarts immediately.
Great improvement: GC dialog and the option to move the button that triggers it is perfect 😁

My subscription: not yet implemented... 😉
Quote from: Menion on January 12, 2021, 10:43:01
Menu in the point screen for geocaching

1. design
The current popup menu is a little cumbersome. It has scrolling on smaller devices, it may shrink some texts if too long, it is not too flexible ... generally, these popups are problematic.
What about the whole menu as a simple dialog instead of a small popup?

I think that could help a lot. It seems that Didi has a large screen. My screen is "only" 5.5" and it scrolls. So yeah, that is a disturbing little menu.

I'm not sure I like a popup aesthetically, but it's definitely more functional, more user friendly. I have no other or better suggestion, which is why I didn't report it in the first place. But I definitely agree that some improvement would be nice :-)

Quote from: Menion on January 12, 2021, 10:43:01
2. button to display it
Diddi has an idea to put it into the bottom buttons bar. It may be also placed as an optional button into two custom geocaching bottom buttons. Any additional idea or you are fine with the current solution? Thanks.
Personally I'm fine with the current solution. That icon is there in several situations:

  • When you open the GC using the Data > Points listing, it's right under the map (not at the top right)
  • When you tap the GC on the map, the bottom menu opens and the icon is on the top of that menu, not at the top right.
  • Only when you enlarge this menu, then the icon is entirely at the top.
Remember: in LM3, it was always at the top. From that perspective, the current solution is an improvement ;-)

However, I like the idea of allowing it as an option for the customized buttons. This way, it's up to the user: keep the current behaviour or move it to the bottom bar. Solutions for everyone!
I'm missing something. How do you enable dark mode? I can't find it 
I do know how to set "map mode" to night mode automatically, but is this possible for all the screens as well?
Quote from: Menion on December 30, 2020, 10:25:50


This happens even in the case, the screen is turned on? Because recording should really be only "paused", but there should appear a screen for editing track details. It looks like this does not happen in your case. What about auto-save defined in profile or in intent, no difference?
I didn't specify auto-save in the intent, as I specified it in the profile.
With the screen on, there's no difference. Track recording is paused, no save screen is shown (which is expected as I enabled the auto save in the profile itself)

When I set auto_save:"true" in the intent, the recording stops as expected. So this would solve my "problem" but I guess this would also mean that the parameter isn't optional anymore...

I found the "show view" parameter. I have it enabled, most of the time, so it's ok. It would be a nice improvement however if it would be possible to put this option in the "quick settings" menu though. Most of the auxiliary graphics can be put there, but the "show view" option is missing

I'm going to try the new beta asap, during a walk in the woods with the wind in my hair ...
You should try it, it's relaxing :P
These are some issues that I noticed and which I can consistently reproduce at the moment
Issues during navigation
These issues were noticed during a navigation using a GPX file or a previously created planned route using Route Planner

  • During navigation we decided to take a slightly different route than originally planned. Then I used the Stabilized GPS function to mark a missing landmark. The point was added on the current "navigation"  position (see the arrow in the screenshot) in stead of the real GPS position (the red dot). This is only an issue during navigation using stabilized gps. When I was too much off route, the stabilized GPS added the point on the actual gps position (see screenshot 2)
  • The Time To Target was too optimistic. I might have walked 4km in 5 minutes, but the kids were with me so it took two hours  ;) This isn't an issue when you select a point on the map, then choose "navigate to" this point.

I'm using Tasker to automate recording tasks. Starting track recording is working. However, stopping the recording behaves differently: in stead of stopping the recording, it is now paused.
Steps to reproduce:

  • Tasker "Send Intent" action is configured as follows:

    • Action:
    • Cat: None, Mime Type (empty), Data (empty)
    • Extratasks: { track_record: { action: "stop", name: "(name of track recording profile)"} }
    • Package:
    • Target: Broadcast Receiver
  • Start a recording using the configured track recording profile
  • Send the intent using the Tasker action
Previous behaviour: the track recording was stopped and saved (depending on the configuration of the recording action
Current behaviour: the track recording is paused.

Track recording button
When a track was started (using API or using the menu) the button at the bottom left doesn't appear, so the only way to open the recording menu is to go to the menu and open the track recording, or a short-cut in the side panel. However, when you double tap on the screen, the button appears (along with the zoom buttons since I configured them as "auto-hide") and then it stays on the screen (which is good)
To reproduce:

  • Open the menu
  • Select Track Recording and start it
Expected result: the record-in-progress button is visible in the left button
Current result: the record-in-progress button isn't visible
Work-around: double tap the screen. The button appears. After a timeout (when the zoom buttons are auto-hidden) the record-in-progress button stays visible


  • Track recording profile changes aren't immediately propagated

    • Modify / add track recording profiles
    • Go to Presets and edit one. Make sure that Track Recording -> Active recording profile is enabled
    • Select the track recording profile to be activated
    • The unmodified profiles are displayed, not the new version
    Work-around: close Locus Map and re-open it.
  • Edit a Track Recording profile. The description of Auto-pause reads "Pause reording automatically"
  • The old "rotate" button had three options: don't rotate, rotate the map, show view direction. The last option seems to be missing, or I didn't find it yet. I know that with the central position button you can trigger map rotation, but not the view direction indicator
  • Settings aren't transferred from Locus Map Pro to Locus Map v4. It caused some confusion, thinking I found a dozen other issues only to find out that the settings were reset to their defaults, at least for me, as I don't use the free version :)