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suggestion #2

Have the option to follow roads in the navigation options.  I hadn't created a route for a while and it took some looking around to see that to follow the roads, I had to set the follow roads option when I was about to do a route.  It seems Locus remembers the setting once it is set, but I think having it (also maybe) in the navigation options is a natural location for it.  For me, anytime I am creating a route it should follow the roads (I know others might not want it that way, for hiking, say).
suggestion #1

have option to shut screen available in navigation/guiding options and when the screen is going to shut off, have a message display for two or three seconds which will allows the user to stop the shut down.

reason.  I hadn't used the free version for a while on my phone and it kept blanking the screen when I would start it.  I thought it was probably the gesture option I had set, but couldn't easily find where to unset it.  I first tried navigation, then guiding, then screen controls.  In the meantime I managed to have the phone shut the screen a few times.
Hi, I don't see a couple features that were in test versions before the 3.4 release

- the ability to go from map screen to track info and from there to the original track list.

- the minor change to the laps screen that allowed that screen on a small device to not change the top of the screen to a drop down list of previous screens (info, chart, etc).

Did you decide to leave them out?

Hi, thanks for checking into the max speed vs lap speed situation.  Using more realistic lap sizes I'm sure there is either less a problem or not a problem at all.  I was just playing with the extremes. :)

Also, I had a thought on how to get back to the track list position from which I went either to the map or to the information screen from a particular track. 

Can you add a function to the information screen that takes one back to the track list positioned on the track that is shown in the information screen?  This way there is no need to worry about the Android back arrow.  Since I already go to the information screen from the map screen (touch track), it is not a burden to then choose a function that lets me go back to the list from that screen.
Hi, sorry for the length.  Should this be on the help forum broken into many "ideas".

I had some thoughts on the interface/usability of the tracks screens.

1) The order of screens is not consistent.

When I start Locus Pro, and there is a track on the screen, pressing it and going to the information screen makes sense.  But,

A) From the track list screen, pressing on a track takes me to its information screen.  The Android back arrow goes back to the list screen (which it should - Good!).
If I go from the information screen and then to the map (via the bottom left button), then press the track on the map screen, I go back to the information screen.  Okay, but I don't see how to go back to the list screen from the Info screen.  The android back arrow now takes me to the map screen (logical I guess, but I want to go back to the list screen where I started).  To get back to the list screen, it seems I need to 1) go back to the map screen and then 2) go to the data menu then 3) to the list of tracks folders, then 4) pick tracks list folder I was in.  Now I am back at the top of the list, but not at the track I started from.  I have to remember which track in the list I was looking at and then scroll to it.  I would like the track list screen to be an anchor from which to browse back and forth to the map/info screens directly.

B) Similarly, from the track list screen, pressing the left side little map area, takes me to the map screen.  Using the Android back arrow, I am asked if I really want to exit Locus (I don't).  Now, pressing the track on the map screen lets me choose the track (if more than one item under my finger) which now takes me to the information screen (it should go back to the track list) with the same behavior as described above under A).
Basically, I want to look at several tracks in turn from the list without having to start over again and again by finding where I was on the list.

2) I would like an option to have Locus render the small maps on the track list screen without leaving the track list screen.  Maybe, if one or more tracks are chosen (eyeball lighted), then there could be an option to render the small maps.  Alternately, pressing the small map area could cause it to render, with a long press to the same area going to the map screen.

3) A track name cannot be fully seen on the list screen if it is too long.  Only when the track is displayed on the map screen, is the name seen in full over two lines

4) From the track information screen, you can swipe to the right to go screen to screen until you hit the chart screen.  Then this behavior stops swiping the chart screen has no effect, and to continue right, you have to choose "Laps" from the top of the screen.  It would be consistent to be able to swipe the "chart" screen to get to laps screen.

5) The English wording on the laps screen if there is no data should read "Track cannot be separated into laps (it does not contain recorded values)"

6) In landscape on a phone (nexus 4), rather than on a 7" tablet, the "laps" screen has another new behavior - the first three left screens (info, statistics, chart) now are accessed by a drop down box.  Again, better to keep all screens looking the same (unless Android causes this to happen automatically based on screen size)

7) Each interval could be numbered so 8) below is possible

8) Each interval could be marked on the map with a dot which under the center cross would show its number.  Then I could analyze a part of the track from the map, instead of trying to find the lap I am interested in from the list of laps screen.

9) In an actual track (not sure if I recorded it in Locus or from other software) I see my max speed is 30.8.  But, I have two laps showing higher speeds of 37 and 34 mph.  I set the laps to be shortest length possible.

10) I use miles, not kilometers.  The lap length options from the dropdown are .5mi, 1mi, 2mi, 5mi, 10mi.  If I choose "Define", I am asked for a lap length in number of feet.  Now I have to convert what I want to do, (say make it .2mi) into how many feet that is (.2 times 5280ft).  Better to keep the define screen in miles so I can enter .2 mi directly.

11) If I have defined a lap length that is too small, then the 'error' dialog (showing me the smallest allowed length) should remain on the screen with an 'x' until I dismiss it.  I missed the message the first time I defined an interval too small.  Alternately, you could just set it to the smallest length allowed rather than what I asked for.  I believe this is Locus behavior in setting track/route widths elsewhere.

12) Track List screen: The eyeball icon replacing the check box is interesting, but I'm thinking it might be better to keep the normal convention of check box, rather than introduce a new paradigm (I was confused)
too funny  ;D

I also agree that data icon could go.

I've been looking around in GetSatisfaction and I have made some progress.  

First, though, on my device I choose Settings > Global > Text-to-speech settings > TTS Engine: "Samsung TTS" (with Language = eng.  On same screen, Locus: Language en.  On same screen, Test Phrase: "Do you like Locus?" which is said out loud when I press "Test Text-to-speech" button.  So good.

Next from Settings > Navigation > Choose Voice, I have Text-to-speech highlighted.  When I press it, I hear "Text-to-speech correctly set".  Also good.

What I saw in GetSatisfaction was a discussion around the file en.tts.  I didn't see such a file in Locus on my device.  I downloaded it and put it into Locus/data/tts folder.  (there was en_sample_v1.tts already there).  After I did that, I got the correct starting message when I chose to Navigate on a route.  Either I heard "Start the car and go" or "Let's go then" depending on the way I created the route.

In the car while driving, I then heard what seemed to be the word "set" when I approached each turn.  It definitely was not turn directions and it could have been any sound really.  It sounded like "set" to me.  When I went away from the route, I got a message telling me how far away from the route I was.  It also gave me a clock direction in hours.

Three questions, does the clock direction tell me which way I should be going to get back on route?
Also, it doesn't seem I can make a route and then navigate backwards using it.  Is that true?
Finally, I have the Locus folder on both the internal memory and on the external SDHC card on my tablet.  Could that be causing the software some confusion?  It seems to be using the SDHC card.

One last idea.  Maybe I should just reinstall locus map pro.  If that is what I should do, can I save my current data or should I move it somewhere and then bring it back later?

thanks for your help.
This happens during ride.  I'll get in the car, start navigation, get the "Let's Go!", then I drive along the route, but get no voice for turn-by-turn instructions.  Also, I get no notice if I go off the route.
Hi, When I choose navigate on a route, I get the prompt of  "Let's Go!", but then I get no further spoken instructions.  I am using Galaxy Tab 7 2.0, personal maps, mapquest to map route, samsung text-to-speech (not google).  I have verified it is a navigable route (it has red dots and I see the turn by turn instructions when traveling on the route).  I am using car for travel.

I can see by this forum that many people have gotten this feature working just fine.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?