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Wishlist / Lazy loading
March 31, 2013, 13:01:00
I am experimenting with some tens of thousands of waypoints. I am fine with the import taking a long time, however, as the Locus application is now, I am required to split my kml/kmz into many smaller files, and import them into different waypoint folders, to be able to "quickly" (de)activate collections of waypoints (which is a good thing) on the map.
This way I can keep the startup time under 3 minutes instead of 30, but for me, to have an option to just load all active waypoints but in a lazy manner, would be way better.

With lazy loading the Locus application startup could be instantaneous, regardless of your number of waypoints. Indeed, with the lazy loading option enabled, it might influence the refresh rate when moving around, since it would then fetch the waypoints to show from its database and cache, just-in-time as you move around.
Several options are possible, e.g. fetch waypoints for "visible area" times X, or "visible area" plus a portion of the area you're headed to, or whatever is elegantly or performance-wise feasible, of course.