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Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
April 02, 2013, 12:59:25
Quote from: "Arcao"Strange. Are you able to send me log from CatLog?
Strange indeed, because in Sunday evening the problem disappeared and everything worked OK again! Thank you arcao for this great app!!!
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
March 31, 2013, 17:41:39
I am so glad this great add on is back!

BUT I have a problem. It worked fine at first, but then the login problem appeared again :( After succesfull login to (verification email received OK) there are no caches on map and while checking the login status I am asked to log in again :/ And logging in in doesn't help at all, the add on asks me to log in again... This problem appears only with geocaching4locus, no with geocaching live for instance.

I have the latest versions fLocus and geocaching4locus.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
March 13, 2013, 21:51:30
I returned to NeoGeo. It's not at all as good as Geocaching4Locus used to be but it works. Unfortunately I think that new version of Geocaching4Locus would have already come out at least as beta if it was meant to...